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YouScan Social Search for instant insights 🚀


🚀 We've just released a major addition to the YouScan social listening platform - Social Search. Think of Google Trends, but for social media. And we know you'll find it extremely useful! Why? Read on to find out!

Alex Orap

Alex Orap

Founder & Chief Growth Officer

27 October 2022

Most practitioners will attest that social media listening provides the best results for business when you do it continuously. But there are also situations when you don't need to monitor a specific topic over a long period of time. 

For example, if you're a marketing agency and you’re brainstorming and bouncing around some creative ideas for your customer's new ad campaign 💡. Or, if you're a market researcher who needs quick examples of consumers' opinions and attitudes towards certain topics that you research 💬.

In these situations, it would be great if you could quickly check your hypotheses using the vast social data, glimpse how the particular themes spread across social media platforms and communities, or just have a taste of what people say about some brand, product, or event.

Is that even possible? Yes!

With YouScan Social Search, you can now search for anything (literally) in the billions of social conversations in YouScan's massive data archive and get insights at your fingertips in a matter of seconds. Social Search allows you to easily and quickly understand trends, conversations, and audiences around any brand, product, or topic.

Here's a fun example. ⏱It took me 10 seconds to do global market research on the most popular drink (according to people talking about it on social media). 


And the winner is ... ☕coffee! It's the most discussed drink globally.

🌏People in Mongolia and India prefer milk over juice, wine, and beer. And folks in Japan are apparently into beer .

And that's just scratching the surface. With Social Search, you can quickly check consumer sentiment, see the most popular platforms where discussions are happening, and dive into audience insights to learn about demographics, interests, and occupations of people who participate in the discussions on social media.

Social Search is free for all YouScan customers. If you're already a YouScan user, you can read a more detailed description of the Social Search functionality in our knowledge base and start using it now.

If you want to try YouScan Social Search in action, please register for the free trial and experience the power of rapid social insights for yourself.

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