Monitor Your Brand's Health Across Social Media in Real-Time

Keep your finger on the pulse of your brand's reputation - literally. With YouScan's Brand Health Tracking, you can:

  • Track mentions on social media platforms, blogs, and forums

  • Use AI to analyze consumer sentiments easily

  • Put influencer discovery on autopilot, and more.

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Never Miss a Mention of
Your Brand on Social Media

Wondering what the world's saying about your brand? Get real-time updates on every single mention of your brand across the social media universe. It's like your own personal news feed dedicated entirely to your brand.

What's the Buzz? Track Consumer Sentiment 

Curious if your latest product launch hit the mark? Or maybe you're wondering what people really think about your customer service. With our AI-powered automatic sentiment analysis, you'll get the clear picture effortlessly!

Spot Trends Before
They're Trending

Interested in catching the trends that are just starting to buzz around your brand? YouScan digs deep into discussions specifically related to you, so you can pinpoint emerging trends that really matter. Be the first to act, not the last to know.

Stay Alert with Real-Time Notifications 

Who has time to constantly check for brand mentions? YouScan's got you covered. 

Set up automatic alerts and get important mentions – like rave reviews or urgent complaints – sent directly to your Slack or MS Teams workspace, in real-time.

Share the Wealth
(of Info)

Keep your whole team in the loop. Build custom dashboards to display your key metrics and share them with your team.
Because sharing is caring, right?

Elevate Your Brand's Health
with AI-Powered Insights

Track and analyze your brand's presence on social media effortlessly with YouScan. Ensure your brand stays healthy and resonates with your target audience.

Upon requesting a demo, you will have a chance to:

  • Discuss your brand health tracking challenges and goals;

  • Experience a tailored demo showcasing how YouScan can address your
    specific needs;

  • Explore customized solutions and strategies fitting your brand's unique

Just submit your details, and our experts will guide you through YouScan's innovative approach to brand health tracking.