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Online Services and Marketplaces

Machine-assisted photo content moderation for your online services.
Indexing of visual assets for better content search and discovery.

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Detect logos in digital media

Uncover implicit brand appearances in editorial images of online news and digital magazine articles. Protect brand reputation, measure sponsorship ROI, find consumer insights.

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Offline Images Analytics

Rich information extraction from offline images to categorize
and process visual contents.

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More than 1000 visual labels
to classify your image contents automatically

API returns the following image metadata:

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Industry-leading performance
for high volume applications

We have developed our AI-powered image recognition technology
to analyze tens of millions of images daily.

When we realized we need image recognition for our core product, YouScan, social media analytics platform, we first looked at available third-party APIs. We assessed LogoGrab, Netra, as well as computer vision services from Microsoft Cognitive Services, Google Vision, Amazon Rekognition, and IBM Watson. They were unsuitable for our big data volume application due to their high image processing costs.

So we decided to develop a state-of-the-art architecture for image recognition in-house. We made it scalable, cost-effective, and accurate. It also improves continuously due to users feedback loops we've built in to enhance its accuracy.

Check out an API Documentation here.

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