Company history


We help companies listen to their customers and improve



YouScan is an international SaaS company that develops social media monitoring and analytics tools.

Established in 2009, YouScan now offers monitoring services and analytics for written and visual brand mentions on social media, blogs, forums, review websites, and news sites.

We create intelligent solutions for social media monitoring that are used by leading international brands such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, L'Oreal and Google.

YouScan's social media listening dashboard allows companies to effortlessly monitor brand mentions on social media and in the news in order to uncover valuable consumer insights, react to customer’s complaints and analyze customer opinions about various products and services.

The YouScan team is united by our shared desire for continuous improvement, and our dedication to our work and our customers.

Core principles

Our corporate culture

We believe that successful companies are built by like-minded individuals who share the same core values.

Core principle
Built on trust
Avoid unnecessary costs and work more efficiently
Core principle
Transparency and openness
Understand the context and make informed decisions
Core principle
It's OK to make mistakes
Learn from mistakes to find better solutions
Core principle
Ethical treatment of user data
Guaranteed protection of confidential customer data
Core principle
Continuous improvement
Develop skills, gain knowledge, improve workflows
Core principle
Prioritize teamwork
Share responsibilities, reach the goal together
Core principle
Focus on the result, not the process
Work toward a shared goal with mutual trust
Core principle
Optimism and pleasure from work and life
create a positive work environment
Core principle
Passion for what we do
Work harder, better and faster every day


Partners and investors

Our investors are prominent Swedish investment funds, Kinnevik AB and Vostok New Ventures, listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm Exchange.

Seed round investors were The OpenFund. YouScan is a member of the Nvidia Inception program for AI-startups and the Microsoft co-sell partner.