Company history


We help companies listen to their customers and improve

This is our story


Back in 2009, it was quite challenging for companies to instantly collect brand mentions and get in-depth analytics based on this data. This was the moment when YouScan was created - a pioneering social media listening tool.

With the continuous improvement of the product, YouScan quickly became the #1 solution for social media monitoring in the EE region. The team started to work with world-known brands and agencies, such as Nestle, Unilever, Ipsos, and Samsung.

In 2018, YouScan introduced its breaking image recognition technology called ‘Visual Insights’ and the same year the team decided to crash the global market.

Global recognition didn’t take long. In 2019, Gartner recognized YouScan as ‘Cool AI Vendor for Marketing’ and Saas Advisor named YouScan a Visual Analysis Category Winner in Martech-Challenges.

In 2020, YouScan continued to expand and opened offices in London, Limassol, New York, and Mexico City.

Today YouScan team is committed to bringing the best-in-class AI technologies to companies across the world, making it easier to listen to their customers every day.

Core principles

Our values

We believe that successful companies are built by like-minded individuals who share the same core values
We trust
  • We share all information within the team and delegate tasks
  • Here we can openly express any opinion or feedback
  • Everyone is free to make decisions on their own and take responsibility for them
We make mistakes and learn
  • To grow fast, we do quick experiments and test the ideas in practice
  • We recognize mistakes, share our experiences, and learn from them
  • The focus is not to blame but eliminate the mistakes together
We are enthusiasts
  • Self-realization and enjoyment of work are paramount
  • We are eager to know what is happening in our field and a variety of all outside the work
  • We find some positives, even in difficult situations
We continuously improve
  • All the internal processes are continually being improved and automated
  • We gain new experience and share knowledge to help others to develop
  • YouScan company encourages and supports team development
We are a team that shares results
  • Here at YouScan, we value the input of every individual
  • We create a cheerful working atmosphere with respect to different opinions
  • Our space is free from prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination
We treat data ethically
  • Only public data is collected and processed by YouScan
  • We never cooperate with organizations and authorities which could use the data against users
  • Also, we carefully treat the customer’s data they share with us


Partners and investors

Our investors are prominent Swedish investment funds, Kinnevik AB and Vostok New Ventures, listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm Exchange.

Seed round investors were The OpenFund. YouScan is a member of the Nvidia Inception program for AI-startups and the Microsoft co-sell partner.