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If you’re a marketing agency, a software company, social media consultant, or a market research professional who works with business customers that may benefit from social media listening, you can participate in YouScan Referral Program.

What is the YouScan Referral Program?

In simple terms, it is a program that allows our partners to earn success fees by introducing us to prospective customers who’ll eventually become our paid customers.

You don’t need to do a “selling” part - that’s on us. Your job is to identify opportunities and make high quality introductions to prospective customers that fall into our ICP, Ideal Customer Profile (read below for details).

How does it work?

The process is quite straightforward.

You identify a business customer who may benefit from using a social media listening platform like YouScan, whom you know personally reasonably well to make an introduction.

You check with us if this customer is not already in our sales pipeline, and let us know why you think the YouScan platform may be a good fit for them, as well as other applicable details (e.g., if they already use a competing product). 

You make a written introduction: this can be either an email or LinkedIn chat with one of our sales team members and the customer on a copy.

We follow up with the customer and take them through our typical sales process: qualification, product demonstration, product trial (if required), and hopefully, contract signing. Your involvement is typically not needed after you’ve made an intro. However, we may occasionally get in touch and ask your advice if we run into stumbling blocks during the sales process with particular customers.

Our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Our ideal customer is a midsize to enterprise businesses, most of them in the B2C space. They typically operate well-known brands or brands that are dynamically growing in popularity among consumers.  

Our product is best suited to serve customers from Europe, North America, and LATAM. 

Small businesses are typically not our customers. 

Of course, there may be occasional exceptions to this ICP, so use your best judgment and check with us if a particular customer may be a good fit for an introduction. 

What’s the legal framework?

To be eligible for the success fees we pay under the YouScan Referral Program, you need to sign our Referral Agreement containing all the legal / payment details. We’ll share it with you after the introductory call (read below).