YouScan Ambassadors

Are you a whiz at social media, a market research pro, or a consumer insights expert with a knack for social listening tools? If so, we're inviting you to join our YouScan Ambassadors team.

Our Ambassadors program is specially crafted to spotlight your expertise in thought leadership, your prowess in social listening and research, and to amplify your visibility to potential clients and partners.

How does the YouScan Ambassadors program work?

In the simplest terms, we offer you complimentary access to YouScan’s state-of-the-art social listening technology. In return, we ask for the engaging marketing content you create using our social data and insights. This content can be either short or long-form, perfect for sharing on both your and our social media channels (like LinkedIn), blogs, and newsletters.

This marketing content typically revolves around insights gleaned from social listening data on brands, products, or trending events.

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Kim Townend
Social listening and strategy consultant

YouScan’s commitment to Ambassadors

  1. We equip our Ambassadors with a free account on the YouScan social listening platform, complete with all advanced features, such as Visual Insights, Audience Insights/Social Panels, Unlimited Dashboards, and Insights Copilot.

  2. We promote Ambassadors' marketing content, created using YouScan, across various platforms, including our website blog, email and LinkedIn newsletters, and social media channels like LinkedIn, X, Threads, Instagram, and Facebook.

  3. We offer comprehensive teaching, help, and support to Ambassadors in mastering advanced YouScan features.

  4. We also provide Ambassadors with early access to new product functionalities.

Ambassador’s commitment

  1. Ambassadors are expected to publish at least one piece of marketing content monthly, either short or long-form, mentioning the use of YouScan for their research and insights.

  2. Ambassadors should coordinate content ideas with the YouScan marketing team prior to publishing to avoid associating the YouScan brand with controversial research topics.

  3. Ambassador’s can’t use their YouScan account for commercial (paid) projects for their clients. However, if an Ambassador has a client interested in YouScan, we offer a revenue share through our customer referral program.

  4. Ambassadors must refrain from making negative or derogatory comments about competitors, customers, or other stakeholders. A positive, professional tone is essential.

  5. Ambassadors may choose to list their role as “YouScan Ambassador” on their LinkedIn profile but are not authorized to represent or speak on behalf of YouScan.

Why is it Win-Win?

Our Ambassadors enjoy complimentary access to YouScan's advanced social listening technology, a tool essential for top brands and agencies to glean rapid insights from social media data.

With YouScan's robust capabilities at their disposal, Ambassadors can not only demonstrate their social media research skills and thought leadership but also help increase our brand visibility and contribute to our marketing efforts.

It's a win-win scenario!

Interested in joining YouScan Ambassadors?

We're excited to potentially have you as one of our esteemed Ambassadors. To start your journey with us, please reach out via email or connect with us on LinkedIn to discuss the next steps!