The Team – that’s what sets YouScan apart

It's impossible to explain in words. You have to meet us and feel the atmosphere to understand that our people and culture are what make YouScan unique.

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Our values

We believe that successful companies are built by like-minded individuals who share the same core values.

We trust
  • We share all information within the team and delegate tasks.
  • Here we can openly express any opinion or feedback.
  • Everyone is free to make decisions on their own and take responsibility for them.
We make mistakes and learn
We are enthusiasts
We continuously improve
We are a team that shares results
We treat data ethically

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Benefits and Perks

Flexibility and time off

Great work is about exceptional results, not just the amount of hours you put in. Everyone needs to recharge and reignite excitement about their work from time to time. That is why we focus on keeping the scales of a work-life balance in check. We believe that unlimited vacation policy, flexible working hours, remote and office work hybrid, 2 months paid sabbatical for 5 years tenure, guided meditation sessions allow everyone to manage their energy effectively.

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Team and personal development

We strive to improve our professional skills to be the brightest kids on the block and continuously improve our processes, too, so we can deliver value to our customers faster and better than our competitors. That's why we provide many opportunities to grow — on your own and with your teammates: professional training, conferences, bonus for books, language courses, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and more.

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We know, perks isn't something that defines our choice of job, but it definitely matters for remarkable employee experience. So, we care that our team members receive excellent office facilities and services, as well as healthcare and well-being in every location and position.

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Fun stuff

When you work with amazing people, it’s easy to have a good time. We have a lot of traditions, starting from yearly all team get-togethers, to virtual coffee calls, birthday parties, team buildings, board games, pet-friendly offices and much more. Join and enjoy!

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