Visual Insights:

Next-generation social listening

AI-powered image recognition technology to go beyond text analysis

How your business can benefit from Visual Insights

Launch a 360° Brand Tracking

Explore Consumer Behavior

Spot Potential Threats

Identify Emerging Trends

Enhance Your Influencer Marketing

Launch a 360° Brand Tracking

Get up to 80% more mentions collecting images featuring your brand logo. Use an advanced social media listening approach to uncover reliable insights.

Ensure you don’t have any blind spots in decision-making.

  • Another amazing feature is Visual Insights, which can help understand, what visual content consumers engage with the most, and what preferences they have in the visual design of products or online content. This really comes in handy when trying to understand your target audience.
    Polina Dolgacheva
    Analyst – Social & Business Data
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Visual Insights

Visual Insights leverages machine learning to analyze millions of user-generated images and identify important details, such as brand logos, demographic data, use cases, surrounding objects, settings, and other items.

Its extensive library has thousands of scenes, objects, and activities that appear as visual tags, which the platform uses to deliver best-in-class analytical features.

man with phonebranch learning

Analyse visual content from over 500K online sources

including Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and more.


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