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Our main goal is to determine our strengths and weaknesses and use it to constantly evolve our communication strategy. Primary KPIs in social listening are sentiment ratio, in general and by topics, and quantitative index of our media distribution.

Every day, e-commerce companies get a huge number of social media mentions. It is important to analyze this data in real time, as well as categorize and work with the data directly in HelpDesk systems. YouScan allows us to automate the categorization process of mentions through efficient work with mention streams, availability of useful filters and easy data sorting. The «Rules» feature and integrations with other systems make our work with social media more effective.

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Automation in Big Data analysis presents the main challenge for FMCG companies who wish to transform their social media monitoring and analytics processes.

Thanks to their ongoing development of ML and AI technologies, YouScan always remains a reliable partner. Every day we help smm-, brand-, insight-, research managers focus on the results of data analysis instead of routine work.

Ongoing analysis of customer interests allows us to create a buyer persona and understand the customers' needs. With this data, we can create custom offers that match specific customer needs at the right time and place. This helps us maintain personal communications across different channels.
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We closely monitor the progress our YouScan friends achieve, and we are very proud of it. One of the latest is the Social Mention Wall that we especially loved. Our team works closely with events, and YouScan made a solution which is the response to the industry's request for engaging the audience.

Immediate customer support, fast bug detection, and the possibility to receive prompt feedback are just some of the common tasks that technological and product companies solve with social media monitoring. IT businesses have specific requirements for data protection, the speed of data processing, native integrations, and extended API availability. Thanks to continuous improvement, modern technology development, and reliable partners like Microsoft, YouScan is always ready to meet the latest industry demands.

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Agencies specializing in marketing, reputation management, research and media have been our business partners from day one. Social media monitoring and data analysis help such businesses address the pain points in their own work, and the work of their clients. Reliable data, auto-categorization, accurate sentiment analysis, global coverage, trend detection and smart notifications in any system are must-haves in the everyday workflows of agencies.

YouScan is about of 4 p's – professionalism, potential, people and partnership. This may sounds a bit like Kotler. But once you start working with YouScan you’ll discover a lot of interesting, highly useful functions in their systems. The people at YouScan are brilliant, always ready to help. And they show a great deal of attention to our most demanding requests. They are good partners”.

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