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Introducing Social Audiences: Your Gateway to Market Insights and Effortless Influencer Discovery

Social Audiences

Alex Orap

Alex Orap

Founder & Chief Growth Officer

12 November 2023

Would you like to be able to understand what specific audiences are discussing on social media? Discover emerging consumer trends before your competitors do? How about putting your influencer discovery on auto-pilot?

All this and more is now possible with Social Audiences – our latest innovation in social media intelligence.

In this article, we’ll describe how it works and how you can leverage Social Audiences to stay ahead of the curve.

What is Social Audiences?

Social AudiencesSocial Audiences

Social Audiences is YouScan platform’s new capability, which allows collecting social media data based on specific characteristics of the authors of posts. This is completely different from the traditional methods of data collection in social listening, such as searching for specific keywords in posts or brand logos in pictures.

The easiest way to explain it is with an example.

Imagine you are keen to identify the most popular cosmetics brands that are currently being discussed by female makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts in the UK.

With Social Audiences, you can now set up a query in YouScan that will track all discussions on social media where such users are sharing their thoughts and ideas, regardless of the exact contents of their posts.

Being armed with this data on public conversations allows you to use YouScan’s built-in AI analytics and tools, like Insights Copilot, to understand many aspects including: 

  • What are the brands most discussed by makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts in the UK;

  • Are there any emerging trends and topics in their conversations; 

  • Who are the most influential opinion leaders in this audience, and much more.  

Social Audiences lets you build audience intelligence for such social media platforms as TikTok, Reddit, Instagram, X (Twitter), YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitch.

How to set up targeting for Social Audiences?

You can set up your Social Audiences in YouScan using parameters such as:

  • Keywords found in social media users’ public bio descriptions;

  • Interests and occupations, automatically derived from their public bios by YouScan’s AI;

  • Demographics (age, gender);

  • Number of followers.

Additionally, you can apply YouScan’s AI filters such as geo, language, and others, to further narrow your social audience data.

Here’s how a search query for a Social Audience might look in practice: imagine you’re keen on analyzing conversations among EV (Electric Vehicle) owners.


This query for Social Audience will pull in posts from authors who: 

  • have keywords like “EV owner” or “Tesla owner” in their public bio description; or

  • YouScan’s AI identified “electric cars” as one of their interests;

Additionally, only mentions from authors with more than 100 followers will be pulled into your Social Audience.

For more detailed information about search queries setup for Social Audiences, please refer to our Knowledge Base.

Social Audiences for influencer discovery

Perhaps one of the standout uses of Social Audiences lies in influencer marketing. No matter what kind of influencers you’re looking for, Social Audiences make it easy to find them, understand what they are talking about on social media, and segment them. 

With the list of authors matching your targeting criteria at hand, you can sort it by influence score and number of readers (followers) to identify nano, micro, and macro-influencers depending on your needs.

The list of AuthorsThe list of Authors

The Audience Insights reports in YouScan also make it easy to access the information about social users demographics, interests, and occupations. You can use this data to understand the audience better, and perhaps, focus on a subset of influencers whose interests match your specific campaign goals.

For example, if you’re representing a brand – an EV (Electric Vehicle) manufacturer – you may notice that many EV enthusiasts from the Social Audience targeting setup example above also have “family” as one of their top interests.

Authors’ InterestsAuthors’ Interests

So if you, as a brand, are building relationships with opinion leaders to promote your new family-friendly electric SUV, this group of users may be ideal for collaboration!  

As YouScan collects more data from social media according to your audience targeting setup, the new users will be continuously added to the list in Audience Insights report in YouScan platform. 

That’s why our users like to call it “influencer discovery on auto-pilot”!

Social Audiences for market insights

Social Audiences open up completely new opportunities for market research using social media data.

Instead of analyzing social discussions related to certain topics and keywords, such as brand or product names, you can now analyze an aggregate set of conversations of your target audience on social media.

This can be extremely useful for:

  • Spotting hot topics resonating with your audience;

  • Getting insights into the demographics, interest and occupations of your target audience;

  • Understanding the sentiments of your target audience towards specific brands, products, or topics.

Word CloudWord Cloud

Our industry’s premier conversational AI assistant for social listening, Insights Copilot, is also on hand to quickly glean insights from the entire set of social media conversations involving your target audience.

You can ask Insights Copilot any questions you like, from very specific ones such as “Which brands are most discussed here” to more broad discovery questions, like “What are the most interesting insights in these conversations?”.

Insights CopilotInsights Copilot

Try Social Audiences now

Social Audiences is now available for all our customers who have purchased the Audience Insights add-on. If you don’t have this add-on enabled in your YouScan account, but would like to try Social Audiences, please reach out to our Customer Success team.

If you’re new to YouScan, book a personalized demo and free trial for social listening now. 

We're eager to show you how Social Audiences can empower your market research and influencer marketing strategies!

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