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Social Listening Tool

Among the social listening tools, YouScan and Brandwatch often come head-to-head. Both aim to help you track your brand mentions and uncover customer insights, but do it in their own unique way.

Let’s break down how YouScan stands apart from Brandwatch, and helps you with powerful yet easy to use social listening.

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“Our achievements would not be possible without a unique allience, I am talking about YouScan.”

Rodrigo Valdivieso

Ease of Use:
YouScan vs Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence*

“When assessing the two solutions, customers found YouScan easier to use, set up, and administer.

Customers also preferred doing business with
YouScan overall.

*Source: G2 April 2024

Customers felt that YouScan meets the needs of their business better than Brandwatch.

When comparing quality of ongoing product support, customers felt that YouScan is the preferred option.

For feature updates and roadmaps, customers preferred the direction of YouScan over Brandwatch.”

Track your Brand Health

Monitor the health of your brand continuously by tracking
online discussions and sentiment with YouScan’s precise social listening tools.

YouScan Offers Transparent 
and Affordable Pricing

We believe social listening should be accessible to businesses of all sizes, not just big brands.

Unlike Brandwatch, YouScan provides transparent pricing with our most affordable plan, Starter-3, at $299/month (billed annually). For comparison, Brandwatch pricing options start from $800/month, according to TrustRadius. This makes our Starter-3 plan ideal for smaller brands, agencies, and startups, offering all essential social listening features at a more accessible price.

For larger brands and agencies, we offer Unlimited pricing plans that include the most advanced social listening functionalities. These plans come with optional add-ons such as Visual Insights (image analysis), Audience Insights, Unlimited Custom Dashboards, and API access.

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Use YouScan for Market Research

Unlock in-depth consumer insights and stay ahead of market trends by leveraging
YouScan’s powerful social listening capabilities for your market research.

YouScan’s ✨ Insights Copilot
Simplifies Social Listening

YouScan’s Insights Copilot is an AI-powered conversational assistant for social media listening.

This unique feature surpasses data summarization, available in Brandwatch, by providing instant insights from your social listening data through natural language queries.

Insights Copilot delivers detailed answers, supported by relevant examples, to any questions you might have about your data. Just ask it anything!

Learn more about the Insights Copilot

Effortlessly Analyze your Competitors

Easily gauge public sentiment about your competitors' strengths and weaknesses by analyzing
online conversations with YouScan's advanced social listening technology.

YouScan’s Provides the
Best Visual Listening

YouScan's Visual Insights analyze social media images to reveal how people engage with brands and products in real life. This feature includes brand logo detection and automated visual content analysis reports.

Recognized as a leader in Visual Analytics by SaaS Advisor, YouScan is ideal whether your brand frequently appears on social media or you're exploring consumer trends and influencers to boost your business.

With YouScan Visual Insights, gain a competitive edge.

Learn how you can leverage visual listening

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Customisable Dashboards

Keep your whole team in the loop. Build custom dashboards to display key metrics and share them with your team.

Smart Alerts

Set up automatic alerts to receive important mentions—like rave reviews or urgent complaints—directly in your Slack or MS Teams workspace, in real-time.

Superb Coverage

Never miss a mention of your brand. Track mentions across all social media platforms, blogs, forums, review sites, and online news.

AI filters

Cut through social media noise with automatic AI filters and focus only on the important mentions.

Unlimited Users

We don’t charge based on the number of users. Bring all stakeholders onboard—social listening is better together.

Social Search

Gain unlimited access to quick social searches across billions of historical mentions to quickly spot trends.

  • Free trial

  • Personalized demo

  • Try all capabilties

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