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How to create an outstanding social media report template

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Creating a social media report template that includes all crucial metrics is a smart and easy way to track a brand's performance. How to choose the right indicators adapted to your company's needs?

Yuliia Samsonova

Yuliia Samsonova

Content Marketing Manager

14 June 2022

Preparing reports is not the most exciting part of marketers' and PR managers' responsibilities. At the same time, it is essential to “synchronize watches” between the goals and current performance. For each task, it's important to have a separate dashboard to understand if the company is moving in the right direction.

Brand health tracking 

The credibility of a company's products and services is determined by its reputation. 

Brand image can be damaged in a variety of ways, not only after a major scandal.

It can get worse and worse without huge public attention: yesterday one of your customers didn't like the product, later another one left a bad review about the service. Thus, step by step, your five-star reputation goes down.

That's why brand health tracking on a regular basis is vital. For this task, it's very convenient to have an appropriate social media weekly report template with the ability to update data. 

This social media report should include: 

  • The number of mentions and engagement;

  • The ratio of positive and negative mentions;

  • Spikes in mentions;

  • Key features that were discussed;

  • Top sources by sentiment;

  • Word cloud. 

All these metrics are added in the social media reporting template provided by YouScan, a social media listening platform. The dashboard can be modified in accordance with the company’s objectives. For instance, you can add trends in discussions, popular authors, Visual Insights, and more. 

In the example below, we compared the Subway-related discussions on social media during two weeks using the same social media report template. Based on this data, we see that during the second week, Subway mentions got twice more engagement and fewer negative sentiment in total, but the level of criticism towards customer service increased. Also, the main source of mentions has changed from YouTube to TikTok. 


Tracking this data regularly helps brands to respond immediately to any suspicious developments towards your brand and plan PR- and marketing activities to neutralize negative feedback. 

Competitors analysis

Another important part of brand tracking is competitor analysis. By keeping an eye on the activities of other brands, you can adjust the marketing strategy to all market challenges. In this case, the social media performance reporting template should include:

  • The number of mentions and engagement for each brand;

  • Strengths and weaknesses;

  • World Cloud with brand mentions and their key features (price, customer service, etc.);

  • Top sources of mentions. 

All these metrics are included in YouScan's template for competitor analysis. The example below shows the comparison of two famous mass-market brands – H&M and UNIQLO.


While users discuss H&M for its prices, with UNIQLO not only the word “price”, but also “quality” often appears. According to reviews, UNIQLO gets lots of positive feedback for its design, while H&M has a much better assortment.

Crisis management

Every big brand faces reputational crisis. When the head of the company is such a bright and controversial person as Elon Musk, PR specialists must always stand by. The recent statement of businessmen claiming that employees must either return to the offices after the pandemic or be fired made a lot of noise on social media. 

It's very convenient to keep the situation under the radar with a Crisis management social media report template. 

YouScan's template for tracking online scandals consists of several important metrics:

  • Total number of mentions;

  • The number of mansions by sentiment;

  • Strengths and weaknesses;

  • Sentiment over time;

  • Top authors by their activity and engagement;

  • Top sources of mentions,

  • World cloud, and more.  


Based on this information, the biggest amount of negative discussions took place on Reddit and YouTube. At the same time, the total number of mentions is less than 6 000. Even though there was a spike in mentions, Musk's statement hadn't called the real crisis, and the number of conversations had already faded. By knowing this, Tesla's PR department can just stand aside, waiting while the problem will solve itself. 

Social media report templates help marketers and PR managers track all essential metrics over time, keeping an eye on all important events. With YouScan, you can use standard reporting templates, customize them or even create your own templates from scratch. 

Are you ready to try YouScan’s social media report templates? Just request a free demo and see what customers say about your brand. 

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