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How logo recognition can enhance your marketing

For marketers who want to get more precise insights when monitoring their brands on social media, the logo recognition feature has become a must-have. What is the value of this particular technology? Continue reading to find out the answer.

Elena Teselko

Elena Teselko

Content Manager

1 March 2021

Marketing has become more sophisticated in recent years as people have got spoiled by a wide range of options and the fact that brands must compete for their attention.

Aside from the challenges of developing a strategy, marketers must also use a variety of specialized tools, which have become an essential part of their work. Even better if these tools are multifunctional, time and effort saving, and, of course, reasonably priced.

To consider the tool a good fit for social media listening, the list of features is quite long: sentiment analysis, automatic data segmentation, actionable insights, trend detection, visual analytics, and so on.

In recent years, as people have shared more and more visual content and technologies are now capable of analyzing it, logo and image recognition have risen to the top of the list of features for social media intelligence, and we will show you several examples of how this powerful technology can be used to boost your marketing efforts.

Why logo recognition is the inevitable tool for a modern marketer

Visual analytics is a sophisticated tool based on logo recognition, object and scene detection, and artificial intelligence that analyzes this data to provide insights. That is, if the social media monitoring tool is unable to collect and analyze images, the system's results will be poor and insufficiently informative. According to statistics, companies lose approximately 80% of brand mentions when they do not monitor visual content on social media.

So, how can marketers benefit from logo recognition?

Monitor unusual consumption situations

It's no secret that the majority of people don't tag brands in photos. They don't mention them in captions unless they want to share a fantastic experience or, conversely, describe a situation when everything went wrong with the brand. Nonetheless, people share their daily routines and frequently do not realize that a product has got on a snap. Meanwhile, such shots could provide an excellent opportunity for marketers to discover unusual situations in which a product is being used.

If the product has a logo that can be seen fully, partially, or rotated, the system can detect it and collect it for further analysis.

Crafting a candle with a ketchup scent, for example, is an unusual situation that has got high engagement on social, that Heinz could use.

logo recognition youscan
Heinz logo detected on a candle

Discover relevant influencers

When discussing influencer marketing, these social media platforms come to mind first: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Still, don't limit yourself to these social media platforms; a journalist, for example, can be an influencer, but you won't find him on Instagram, even if he has a trusted blog.

We frequently believe that famous bloggers or celebrities are the best people to promote any brand or product. However, having millions of followers does not prove that they possess trust and authority.

In terms of sales or community building, niche influencers or brand ambassadors may perform far better. Why? Because such people typically create content without regard for the potential profits, they form communities. Usually, their blogs are not overrun with sponsored posts; instead, the content is more useful, relevant, and specific.

But how do you track down the influencers who are already promoting your brand, competitors, or industry-related content? We have a special section called "Authors" at YouScan where you can browse content creators and filter them by engagement, followers, or mentions, as well as apply different filters to narrow the search. You can also look for engaging authors directly in the "Images" section, where visuals are collected using logo recognition or other methods.

logo recognition
YouScan detected Glossier's logo on the YouTube preview

Monitor crisis situations

Bad situations happen. Terrifying situations do. Even though it is unavoidable for brands, monitoring and problem-solving are critical, and the more tools you have for this, the faster you can manage and restore your online reputation.

Text monitoring is a useful tool for online reputation management, but when combined with visual monitoring, you double your abilities and can view the situation from multiple perspectives. YouScan can detect the context of the caption, including objects and scenes, in addition to logo recognition. This data, taken as a whole, provides marketers with actionable insights and allows them to dive deeper into visual analytics.

Assume your restaurant's chine has a spike in negative mentions involving a specific meal or location. In that case, Visual insights allow you to see in detail which scenes or objects appear frequently on captions, making it easier to understand what to change in your strategy to solve the problem.

logo recognition
As we can see, Burger King wasn't tagged in the post, but the system managed to track it using logo recognition

Conduct competitor analysis

YouScan is a handy tool for comparing how your brand differs from competitors in terms of social media content, both brand-curated and user-generated, because it allows you to monitor multiple topics simultaneously.

For example, we've decided to check which pets are being photographed more together with Purina, Royal Canin, and Monge brand's products. We've already had these three topics collected with the logo recognition turned on.

First of all, it turned out that Purina's logo mainly appeared with cats, whereas Monge and Royal Canin were more associated with dogs.

logo comparison

We've decided to go deeper and compare which dog breeds are more popular on social media and which of the three brands has the most related content. As you can see, people share their experiences and reviews on various dog foods, including photos of their pets, which is valuable information for brands that can listen to their customers and improve or add new products to their line.

logo comparison youscan

Evaluate sponsorship initiatives

Sponsoring events has always been a marketing initiative that is challenging to evaluate and calculate its impact on business. Usually, the result is too long-term and blurred, so not all brands can afford to spend large budgets on sponsorships. There is also a misconception that only large brands such as Coca-Cola, Qatar Airways, or Heineken can advertise at sporting events such as the Super Bowl and UEFA EURO or set up brand activations at massive festivals such as Coachella.

In reality, both large and medium-sized brands are taking steps to sponsor small local events, such as the Swiss Ski Championship. Whether the goal is to increase brand awareness, promote a specific product, or enter a new market, brands are interested in detailed analytics and performance.

At YouScan, we provide our clients with a report evaluating sponsorship's performance based on brand exposure, logo visibility, audience reach, and fan engagement. This data helps brands calculate their ROI and see whether all the agreements are met regarding logo placement.

sponsorship evaluation with logo recognition

As you can see, visual insights is a promising technology that can be used to simplify marketing activities in a variety of ways. Despite the fact that we have only covered a few use-cases for logo recognition, the number of tasks that can be completed with its help is limitless.

Request our free demo to see how many valuable insights are hidden on images that mention your brand.

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