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Spring into Success: YouScan's Leadership in Social Listening

YouScan's Leadership on G2

Anna Yanko

Anna Yanko

Marketing Manager

10 April 2024

Spring has sprung, and it's not just the blooming branches and cheerful birdsong lifting spirits. This season, we're also celebrating the release of the G2 Spring Reports!Β 

Every quarter, G2 – the prominent software reviews site, highlights the top-rated solutions in the industry based on the feedback that matters most – from you, our customers. πŸ’š

So, what's a big deal?

This Spring, YouScan was named a Leader in G2's 2024 Spring reports for Social Listening and Social Analytics Tools! We've blossomed with an extended collection of accolades, earning 35 badges, up from 24 in the Winter.

Our notable awards include:

πŸ† Leader Spring 2024;

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Leader Europe;

πŸ’Ό High Performer Enterprise;

🦸 Best Support;

πŸ’š Best Relationship;

🀝 Easiest to do Business with.

These awards showcase our constant push to improve the social media listening and analytics industry. We are proud to list the top 10 social media listening tools globally!

This story is not ours alone. You, our amazing customers, write it with every genuine feedback you share.

And hey, if you've experienced YouScan firsthand, we'd love to see your review on G2! Your insights are our light for continuous improvement. 🫢

Why do customers choose us?

Thanks to valuable customer feedback, we created a word cloud highlighting what matters most to them.Β 

Just take a look:

Word CloudWord Cloud

Keeping these advantages in mind, we proudly work on our mission – to boost our customers' business with real-time, actionable insights that drive growth and success.Β 

We proudly support our global customer base 🌎, focusing on making interactions with our tool as intuitive and beneficial as possible.

YouScan's advanced AI analytics allow for streamlined brand health monitoring, competitor tracking, and effective crisis management. The integration of Chat GPT in our Insights Copilot means no more manual sifting through data – it provides quick, accurate summaries, freeing up your time for strategic decision-making. Ask it anything!

Customers feedbackCustomers feedback

Our platform is designed with you in mind – intuitive, efficient, and comprehensive. Everything you need, in one place, without complexity.

Customers feedbackCustomers feedback

Yes, we continuously innovate for our customers. Take, for instance, our Social Audiences functionality. It allows precise data gathering based on specific social media user characteristics (such as keywords in bio, interests and occupations, demographics and number of followers).Β 

This capability made discovering emerging consumer trends and cool influencers for collaboration easy!


πŸ’š We want to express gratitude to all our customers! Your honest opinion drives us to offer the finest social media listening solution, providing businesses with valuable insights. You are our inspiration and driving force!Β 

Want to share your experience of using YouScan?Β 

We look forward to reading your feedback!


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