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Insight Wall: Changing the way social media insights are delivered


Artificial Intelligence continues reshaping the online industry, enhancing the power of social media intelligence tools to get closer to customers and boost user experience. Our deep-learning algorithms are also evolving. Thus, YouScan continues challenging the traditional way data is delivered. Let us introduce you to the Insight Wall, another AI-powered breakthrough. It’s an automatic and beautifully designed product that streams real-time visualized reports. Time to change the way you deliver data.

Valeriia Zhyvotova

Valeriia Zhyvotova

Content Marketing Manager

16 April 2020

Insight Wall is our newest offering for enterprise customers who want to visualize their social media data. It is a multi-screen customizable dashboard, designed specifically for digital command centers.

Insight wall is helping to aggregate, visualize, and consume the complex analytical data in real-time. Make sure all members of the business stay tuned with the brand’s online reputation and performance while sharing the vision of where the business is heading for.

What is it so special about the Insight Wall?

Insight Wall is a lavish solution for big Enterprise businesses that are interested in changing the way data is consumed. Nobody likes reading analytics in Excel reporting, which is a monotonous and time-consuming task. Nobody has time to pore over the documents, frustratingly looking for the data which has already been updated.

What if we tell you that there is no need to send long, tedious reports to keep all your company members informed about what people say about your brand? All the data can be visualized on one or more screens, which stream the real-time insights from the social intelligence service. Moreover, the data can be distributed across multiple offices worldwide.

We created the Insight Wall, relying on 3 core principles:

  1. understanding comes through overseeing the dynamic of changes in social media - because we believe that visualized data fluctuations allow you to detect both the risks and opportunities for business growth;

  2. instant value - because we want to provide you with the most accurate and relevant real-time data;

  3. clear and aesthetic design - because we care about how the data is delivered.

3 reasons your business needs to acquire the Insight Wall

1. Broadcast insights across your teams. Insight Wall is suitable for personal use as well as a part of a command center solution. By using the power of AI technologies, you get actionable insights about your brand, competitors, and market. Not all members of your team are using YouScan; however, you want all of them to stay tuned with what social media says about your company. With Insight Wall, all the top trends and insights will be visualized in real-time and everyone will be able to see which position the company takes in the social media landscape. Keep your colleagues informed about the company’s performance and whether you’re reaching the target.

2. Simplify access to the most critical analytical information and save your time. You and your colleagues don’t need to look through a significant volume of documentation and reports to find the relevant information. With the help of AI algorithms, Insight Wall will allow you to visualize all the meaningful real-time data in one place.

3. Stay aligned with company achievements. Insight Wall will allow you to measure the inputs and outputs of your team, track the achievements, and understand whether the business is approaching the settled goals.

How does it look?

Insight Wall is fully customizable. We’re aware that there is no universal business; every project, every brand is unique. Your company has its own KPIs and requires customization specifically for your case. We’ll help you to create a tailor-made dashboard.

We’re offering a variety of pre-designed widgets, but our product squad is flexible at adapting or adding new widgets depending on your requirements. Here you can find some of our top widgets.

AINA - Do you remember your personal AI assistant? AINA helps you to stay on top of all significant changes in the monitored topics. It detects anomalies and streams the real-time trends on your screen, letting you stay updated with unexpected spikes of negative or positive mentions. AINA will reveal and broadcast such metrics as the engagements, mentions, authors while detecting the original source, Geo, and the authors of the discussion. You can always update the metrics according to your business goals. Besides, you can apply various filters and receive only the most accurate and relevant data.


Comparison with competitors (sentiments, aspects, emoji, and word cloud). Track the brand health of your competitors with AI-powered widgets. For example, a widget with aspects allows you to see why the taste of your brand has received negative sentiment, while the same aspect in your competitors has positive comments. The data on your screen would help you to notice the insights you could have neglected when checking out the graphs inside the system. Also, the information updates in real-time and obviates the need to check the system for updates continually.


Visual Insights is our top-of-the-line feature, which can be customized according to your business goals. Steam the real-time images where your logo is recognized. Broadcast the real-time users’ photos along with bubbles detecting the scenes, objects, actions, and people. You can choose only one object, one scene, or a particular persona. Real-time analytics will keep you updated about all the changes. Insight Wall provides you with actionable insights that help you to take immediate action.


Widgets with VI are a technological breakthrough that lets all of your team be engaged in marketing and advertising. All members can collaborate in coming up with new ideas when looking at the real-time visual data. It’s beautiful, inspiring, and insightful.

Here you can see an example of a dashboard with comparison of two brands to give you an overview how you can combine the widgets.


If you believe that your business has to move beyond traditional presentation and is ready to challenge how the reporting is transmitted, take a leap forward and request a demo. Experience the power of AI algorithms and Social Media Intelligence.

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