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How social media insights can boost your marketing. Examples included.


Know your clients, their needs and pains, they said. Easy to say but challenging to achieve if you are willing to really understand your prospects.

Elena Teselko

Elena Teselko

Content Manager

14 January 2021

Classical marketing research, including customer surveys or focus groups, is no longer the primary way to get meaningful information about your brand. Now marketers can use more sophisticated tools to be closer to their audiences, such as social media insights.

What are social media insights, and where to get them?

First of all, insight is not something you may find just scrolling the statistics page on Facebook or Instagram. It's not only data, numbers, or statement of a random customer. Still, it's possible to reveal the desired insights from all the amounts of information you possess. Nevertheless, you need to analyze it correctly to get a pure understanding of your consumer's real motivation, the answer to "why."

Some of this data could be found by searching manually. For example, you can analyze your customers' comments and tags on a brand's pages and discover some behavior patterns. This method is free but time-consuming. Moreover, you might miss crucial insights as not all people prefer to speak their mind on the brand's channels.

Social media listening tools, such as YouScan, let you dig deeper and discover tons of brand mentions that were inaccessible before. That includes posts and articles mentioning your company, photos including your products, and all the conversations you were just not tagged or linked in.

How to understand what data is valuable for your business?

Social media intelligence software is a powerful tool to gather data about your customers. Nevertheless, it's essential to know what to look for and process the collected records correctly.

Let's take an example of the Sephora brand and conduct little research to discover fan insights.

Every marketer knows that acquiring a new customer is more expensive than retaining an old one. So we'll start our analysis by discovering the sentiments of the existing consumers.

how to find social media insightshow to find social media insights

As we see from the graph, generally, Sephora doesn't have huge spikes of negative or positive sentiments, though there is a sharp increase in neutral mentions on the 14th of October. We can click on that day, to find out the cause of such splash.

Fortunately, the reason for such an activity is just a funny post on Twitter. But, alas, the brand did not use this opportunity to start a conversation and remind about it. On the other hand, humor might not be a part of Sephora's brand identity.

analysis of social media insightsanalysis of social media insights

The next useful tab is Sentiments by Aspect. It helps track follower preferences as well as the brand's imperfections. It turns out that clients often complain about customer service, which is a weak point that should be enhanced. We can dive even deeper by clicking on the negative feedbacks and check if all the appeals have been resolved.

Even so, the price aspect has almost the same indicators of positive and negative sentiments. That might be a perfect chance to test hypotheses based on the price's impact on the customers' decisions or their LTV.

sentiments analysis in youscansentiments analysis in youscan
Interested in social media insights?

How to improve marketing using social media insights

Discovering valuable insights is only the fists step. Turning data into actions is the key to success. Below are possible ways to boost your marketing strategy based on social media insights:

1. Discover new audiences. YouScan's AI-powered technologies allow detecting posts where the brand was not tagged but appeared on the picture or in text messages. Connect with these people and turn them into customers.

2. Identify follower tastes and preferences. Use filters to search for specific mentions covering the interests of your audience.

3. Establish an efficient social media presence. Monitor those channels where your clients are most active. Be aware of the general sentiments and shape your content strategy and customer support accordingly.

4. Interact with your audience. Find your fans and turn them into brand ambassadors. Collaborate with content creators who are already engaged to increase their loyalty and influence.

5. Determine your strength and weaknesses. Use your advantages for ad campaigns and get rid of imperfections.

6. Collect real reviews. Answer simultaneously and connect dissatisfied clients with the customer support team. Be sure to provide meaningful feedback for every single complaint.


Social media networks are similar to space – endless and keep an abundance of opportunities. We are not able to deal with them manually anymore. Fortunately, YouScan is a powerful tool for helping marketers worldwide to manage their communication channels effectively.

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