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YouScan acquires social media monitoring tool BrandSpotter


We are pleased to announce that we are acquiring one of the leading social media monitoring services in the CIS market, BrandSpotter, in an all-cash deal.

Alex Orap

Alex Orap

Founder & Chief Growth Officer

3 April 2018

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The market for Social Media Analytics has been undergoing consolidation as a part of a worldwide trend in the recent years. Today, we are pleased to announce that we are acquiring one of the leading social media monitoring services in the CIS market, BrandSpotter, in an all-cash deal.

We’ve been personally acquainted with the founder of BrandSpotter, Olga Sternik, and her remarkable team since distant 2010. Back then, YouScan had been operating for around six months, while BrandSpotter has just launched – albeit already having a huge advantage over other players on the market, with the team’s accumulated expertise in the field of social media reputation management.

From that moment forth, we’ve constantly been communicating and keeping in touch — as competitors, but also as partners, advancing a common market.

The BrandSpotter team has contributed greatly to promoting best practices of social media monitoring and its business application. The company blog has accumulated a huge number of case studies, recommendations, and multiple types of research on the topic.

In many respects, the BrandSpotter’s approach is in line with our own philosophy and mission: “Help companies become better by listening to their consumers online”.

According to Olga Sternik, “For more than seven years, BrandSpotter and YouScan have been evolving in parallel, shaped and improved by competition. Nonetheless, we collaborated, discussed the issues of the market development, sharing a common approach and ethical work principles. Of all the players on the market, it is YouScan we feel most comfortable joining forces with. Our strengths will be added to the strengths of YouScan and the market will receive the best product, combining the expertise of both teams.”

"As part of the acquisition deal, we are going to receive the BrandSpotter trademark and technology that will, in turn, augment our own product with additional capabilities, as well as the competence of the BrandSpotter team."

Stay tuned for more remarkable news from YouScan! We are solidifying our position as a leader in the market for social media monitoring in the CIS, expanding our services to foreign markets – all while continuing to enhance our product for customers.

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