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Top 10 AI Tools for Marketers in 2024

best AI tools for marketers

Jade Becerra Arita

Jade Becerra Arita

Marketing Manager

30 April 2024

Today's reality includes AI tools in everyday tasks, and marketing is not falling behind. If you find a company that does not use artificial intelligence (AI) tools … I will give you $10 bucks congratulate you! 

With the popularity of AI tools rising, they have also gained fame in marketing in recent years. Why? Well, if you are a professional marketer, we are sure you appreciate tools that offer powerful data analytics capabilities, allowing you to extract valuable information in seconds. Who doesn’t want that?

Not only can they help you extract valuable data, but AI tools also help you segment customers based on their preferences to deliver the best message for each one of them, create content, automate the content creation process, as well as optimizing marketing campaigns allocate resources effectively, and forecast outcomes.

Little secret: even the banner image for this article was made using Adobe’s AI tool to create 3D effects in seconds.  

Enough now… let´s get right to business and list the top 10 tools marketers can use in 2024.

Best AI tools for marketers

Insights Copilot


Social media listening is, without a doubt, one of the most essential tools when it comes to understanding your client’s needs and interests. By analyzing conversations that are happening on social media platforms you can create effective marketing strategies that will attract more clients and resonate with the ones you already have.

But (we know… there is always a but😔) it is not always easy to go through thousands and thousands of social media mentions to get valuable insights about your customers’ needs and preferences. But (we promise this is a good but🤭) you don’t have to worry about that anymore with Insights Copilot. YouScan, the industry-leading social listening platform, recently launched the first conversational assistant for social listening, powered by ChatGPT.


With Insights Copilot’s natural language interface, you can ASK IT ANYTHING✨ about the information gathered from social media conversations about a specific topic, or if you do not feel that creative, you can use the pre-defined question suggestions. Either way, you will get insightful answers backed by examples of relevant social media mentions to help you make decisions based on the most accurate information.

insights copilot demoinsights copilot demo

With Insights Copilot, you can identify consumer preferences and concerns, how your brand is differentiated from competitors in your clients' minds, your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, new business opportunities, and more!

Plans and Pricing: “Starter 3” for SMBs, startups, and smaller agencies for $299/mo (billed annually); Unlimited Plans for brands customized to your needs

Best for: Marketers, consumer researchers, online reputation and crisis managers.

Jasper tool

Suppose you want to create original content that ranks for SEO, boost ad conversations with better copy, make high-quality landing pages, social media posts, and finish your first draft 10X faster. In that case, Jasper is the perfect tool for you.

This AI platform will help you stay aligned with your brand voice since it can scan and learn your brand and adapt different styles. But Jasper is more than just a language model. Its engine starts by pulling from the best models today (OpenAI's GPT-4, Anthropic, and Google's models). It combines those outputs with recent search data, your brand, and optimization tools – sounds fancy, right?

Plans and Pricing: Creator $39/mo, billed yearly; Teams $99/mo, billed yearly; Business Custom Pricing

Best for: Content generation, content writers, communication specialist


surferseo AI toolsurferseo AI tool

SurferSEO is designed to optimize blog posts, articles, and other copies by analyzing search terms and comparing your work to the top competitors with its Content Editor. This editor will provide you with relevant keywords and a real-time optimization measure.

Will you believe me if I tell you this can get even easier? Then, SurferSEO AI will blow your mind 🤯 This add-on will create ready-to-rank articles in minutes; you only have to choose your keyword and let Surfer AI analyze competitors and research the topic for you. After customizing and refining your article, you will be ready to publish! 

Plans and Pricing: Lite $19/mo, billed annually; Essential $69/mo, billed annually; Advanced $149/mo, billed annually; Max $249/mo billed annually.

Best for: Content generation, content writers, communication specialists


growthbar ai tool growthbar ai tool

GrowthBar is an AI writing tool that will help you automate the writing and publishing process, saving time. This tool will also help you identify topics people are interested in, allowing you to create better content for your clients. 

This incredible AI tool will also help you optimize content since it will pull hundreds of signals from the Google SERP to give you the best SEO suggestions, such as:

  • Suggested keywords

  • Optimal length

  • Optimal image count

  • Headline count

  • Internal and external links count

 Plans and Pricing: Standard $29/month billed yearly; Pro $79/month billed yearly; Agency $129/month billed yearly.

 Best for: SEO content writers, SEO freelance writers



MarketMuse will revolutionize your content strategy with the power of its AI, which delivers amazing insights to your website. MarketMuse’s technology simplifies content planning by merging keyword and topic research with content audits in one seamless interface. You can create targeted content plans in minutes- yes, minutes! 🤯

It also helps you ensure that you fully address search intent and establish topic authority efficiently with its innovative cluster creation tools. There is more, can you believe that? MarketMuse will help you provide your writers with clear, concise Content Briefs for impactful articles.

Are you ready to upgrade your content quality and maintain relevancy? MarketMuse is the tool for you!

Plans and Pricing: Free; Standard $149 per month; Team $399 per month; Premium Customized.

Best for: The whole marketing team – from writers to marketing managers


Drift AiDrift Ai

Let me introduce you to Drift's AI. Think of it as an intelligent, always-available chat partner for your website. It engages visitors with interesting conversations, intuitively understanding and responding to their inquiries. They've partnered with OpenAI, which means their AI now has an advanced grasp of B2B interactions.

Drift is an expert at sparking conversations that capture leads and seamlessly integrate into your pipeline. Moreover, it's designed to quickly adopt your brand's tone, ensuring a consistent experience that mirrors talking to one of your best team members. Essentially, Drift's AI connects and converts with sophistication.

Quite impressive, wouldn't you say?

 Plans and Pricing: Premium starting at $2500 per month, billed annually; Advanced Contact the team; Enterprise Custom.

Best for: Sales teams


Phrasee Ai tool for marketersPhrasee Ai tool for marketers

Say hello to Phrasee 👋 —it's like your brand’s personal AI wordsmith, crafting messages that nail your unique voice across the digital landscape. It ditches the guesswork, using data to predict top-performing content, and scales up your A/B tests to keep your messaging game strong.

With Phrasee, you get real-time insights on what's resonating with your audience, ensuring your marketing is always on-brand and on-point. Quick, smart, and totally in tune with your style—that's Phrasee for you!

Plans and Pricing: They have flexible enterprise pricing; contact their sales team for more information.

Best for: Marketers, content creators


clickup aiclickup ai

This is an excellent tool for marketers, but ClickUp can help the Project Management, Engineering, Sales, Product, Design, Finance, HR, IT teams… in 3 words, your whole business.

ClickUp will help you plan your marketing campaigns on a timeline, so tracking promotions, ad campaigns, events, and more is easier. You can also draft and edit documents with your team in one place. One other thing you can do in ClickUp’s friendly interface is visualized your content schedule on a calendar with dates and assets that make it easy to understand where your content stands.

Plans and Pricing: Free Forever $0; Unlimited $5/per member, per month; Business $12/per member, per month; Enterprise Customized

Best for: Like they say on their website: “All teams, All work” 🤭


grammarly aigrammarly ai

We like to create incredible things in Ukraine! Grammarly is one of the best tools for marketers today – plus, it is free!

What makes Grammarly incredible? This AI tool helps you communicate effectively. With its AI assistant, GrammarlyGO, you can accelerate your writing process with real-time feedback across over 50K websites and apps, popular browsers, and operating systems.

Grammarly will help you write better and more structured sentences by fixing overall delivery, poor word choices, tangled sentences, and plagiarism. We will not lie; it has helped us write this article… amazing, right?

Plans and Pricing: Free $0; Premium starting at $12/month; Business starting at $15 per member per month.

Best for: Marketers, Writers

Albert will help you build powerful brand and audience connections by creating ads that optimize campaign performance from keywords, audience, and device selection. This helpful AI tool allows marketers and agencies to define campaign strategies, develop and optimize ads by selecting the best elements for each campaign and telling you when to refresh and change ads.

Thanks to its AI technology, you only have to set a KPI, and Albert will optimize it by learning the best type of campaign for your business. It has helped clients to decrease cost per lead by 96%, increase conversion rates by 130%, and increase revenue by 150%! What are you waiting for?

Plans and Pricing: Customized pricing plan for any company size, budget, and KPI. 

Best for: Campaign experts, marketers


There you have it! The top 10 AI tools for marketers that we are sure will make your job in 2024 easier, and they will help finish your task in no time – that means more time to enjoy life! What are you waiting for to explore all the possibilities of AI tools for marketers?

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