Consumer Insights on Pinterest: Deep Dive with Social Listening and Image Analysis


Anna Yanko

Anna Yanko

Marketing Manager

20 February 2024

Pinterest is a treasure trove of insights. Are you ready to uncover them? ✨

As you may know, the power of YouScan's social media listening lies down not only in just analyzing text but also in uncovering the stories hidden in visuals. By analyzing images from countless boards and pins on Pinterest, we understand how brands and trends are perceived in this visually driven community.

So, join us as we explore the secrets behind the pins! 📌

What's trending on Pinterest?

The fashion industry has a dominant presence on Pinterest, with over 218 million posts. With quite a big gap, trending discussions also encompass home and garden, technology, family, and food.

Trending Industries on PinterestTrending Industries on Pinterest
Period of research: September 2023 – February 2024

Exploring Fashion Favorites

Using YouScan's advanced AI-powered image analysis, we delved into the fashion images people are sharing. We noticed that dresses, footwear, and outerwear are the real stars here.

Fashion Favorites on PinterestFashion Favorites on Pinterest
Period of research: September 2023 – February 2024

In the world of dresses, neutral tones, exceptionally light grey and light brown have emerged as the preferred choices in dresses, indicating a trend towards subtle elegance. This is a clear signal to brands and retailers: adapting to these popular hues could resonate well with the Pinterest crowd.

Trending Colors of DressesTrending Colors of Dresses
Period of research: September 2023 – February 2024

Delving into footwear, we discovered top brands like Nike and Louis Vuitton dominating the scene. This isn't just a story about brands, though. It's about how these brands are woven into the routine of people's lives, blending with various lifestyle elements from chic street fashion to practical sportswear.

Footwear Giants on PinterestFootwear Giants on Pinterest
Period of research: September 2023 – February 2024

The Rising Trend of IKEA Kura Bed

We discovered the fascinating phenomenon of the IKEA KURA bed during our exploration. This item stands out as more than an essential piece of furniture. This bed has become a beacon of creativity and personal expression.

We noticed an impressive rise in posts between June and October when we looked at how often the KURA bed was mentioned. This increase didn't just reflect growing interest – it was an actual explosion of creativity.

Trend of IKEA Kura BedTrend of IKEA Kura Bed
Period of research: January 2023 – October 2023

What's behind this uptick?

This increase is tied to the burst of shared 'hacks' – creative ideas for upgrading, personalizing, and customizing the Kura Bed to make kids' rooms unique.

Additionally, this rise in mentions later in the year suggests a seasonal trend. It's likely due to parents looking to refresh their children's bedrooms in time for the new school year or taking on summer home renovation projects.

We wanted to dive deeper into this trend through the lens of our Insights Copilot, an industry-first social media listening assistant powered by Chat GPT.

Insights Copilot explores IKEA Kura Bed TrendInsights Copilot explores IKEA Kura Bed Trend

Our data shows that people love customizing the IKEA KURA Bed to their taste. Whether it's a fresh coat of paint, new bedding, or even some imaginative modifications, the Kura Bed is unique.

What's more, its adaptability goes beyond colours and themes. Parents use additional furniture and stickers to switch up the style, making it a fit for almost any room aesthetic.

It's clear that the KURA Bed is more than a sleeping area – it's a launchpad for creativity for kids and their parents, and, as our Insights Copilot has shown, a standout example of the IKEA Hack trend coming to life.

Leveraging Pinterest for Connecting with Influencers

As our journey through Pinterest continued, we discovered the ease of connecting with influencers using YouScan's latest update – Social Audiences. It is a game-changer, enabling searches based on various parameters, including keywords in authors' bios, interests, demographics, and follower count.

Picture this scenario: an art supplies company is ready to launch its new eco-friendly paint line. Through YouScan, they can swiftly identify influencers who have a passion for art and boast a substantial follower base. This precision in targeting is what sets YouScan apart.

The process of finding these influencers with YouScan is astonishingly simple. A single click reveals a list of suitable influencers ready to bring your brand into the spotlight.

Influencers on PinterestInfluencers on Pinterest

Consider the variety of creators you might find on Pinterest: one transforming plain sneakers into stunning pieces of art, and another sharing serene landscapes in soft pastel shades. Such matches are exactly what YouScan aims to facilitate.

Influencers on PinterestInfluencers on Pinterest

Social Audiences functionality is a powerful way for businesses, agencies, and companies to find influencers who can truly connect with customers and make collaborations successful.

Key takeaways

💎 Unlock Consumer Insights with Advanced Analytics

Take advantage of AI-powered social media listening and visual analysis to dive into the wealth of data available on Pinterest. This allows brands to uncover deep consumer insights, track visual trends, and understand engagement drivers, giving them an edge in crafting resonant marketing strategies.

✨ Engagement Through Visual Storytelling

Embrace the visual storytelling power of Pinterest to connect with audiences. With YouScan's image analysis capabilities, brands can discover the most shared and engaged-with visual content, from fashion favorites to festive activities, and use these insights to inform content creation that aligns with consumer passions.

🤝 Strategic Influencer Collaborations

Leverage influencer discovery features to collaborate with key influencers who align with your brand values and audience interests. Tapping into the right influencer network can amplify your brand's message and drive meaningful engagement.

If you want to learn more about how social listening can help improve your consumer experience, try YouScan's free demo.

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