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AI assistant in data analysis

Every year, the volume of social media data doubles. YouScan can help you instantly identify the most critical trends and avoid missing current trending topics. Offload routine tasks to artificial intelligence and dedicate your time to the more meaningful work.


Easier and faster

Finding and analyzing a discussion trend around your brand is easy with YouScan: Go to the «Analytics» section and view trend «bubbles» in the chart. Red bubbles contain negative mentions, green are positive, and blue — neutral.


Be the first to jump on trends

You will always be ahead of your competitors by responding to hype and launching situational marketing campaigns faster. Thanks to YouScan's accurate geotagging and detailed filtering, you can analyze huge data arrays in an instant.


Only the most pertinent information

Stay aware of major discussion trends around your brand, product, company or persona with YouScan's «Trends» feature. Receive automatic notifications about spikes in discussions among your social media audience — from finance and business to education and technology.


Detailed analysis

YouScan’s «Trends» can also help understand how specific news related to your brand was distributed across different sources, and what triggered discussion spikes. You will be able to analyze every detail in a breaking news situation.

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