Social media research

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Social media research

Why conduct social media research?

Social media analytics has many advantages compared to traditional methods of research, such as interviews or focus groups.

Undistorted opinions

We do not limit the audience by asking a standard set of questions. When people are online, they share their genuine feedback that helps businesses understand their clients better.

Less time needed

Conducting face-to-face surveys can take months. Collecting and analyzing content on social media can be done in a few weeks.

No geographical limits

Focus groups and other traditional research methods have significant geographical limitations. Social media analytics enables us to collect data from the whole world.

Retrospective research

With the help of social media analytics, we can find out what your consumers thought in the past. Also, we can explore how their opinions have changed. Collecting such data via traditional surveys is almost impossible.
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Business tasks social media research can help with

Brand health evaluation
Brand media coverage
Mention dynamics and quantity, trends;
Mention sentiment;
Mention keywords;
Brand audience
Key sources;
Sentiment by sources;
Demographics and location;
Top authors by engagement;
Advocates and detractors.
Brand reputation evaluation
Competitor analysis;
SWOT analysis;
Competitor comparison.
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Event/campaign analysis
Campaign effectiveness evaluation
Mention dynamics;
Campaign user interest analysis.
Campaign audience
Sentiment and demographics;
Opinion leaders engagement effect;
Influencers engagement effect.
Campaign media coverage
Key topics;
Potential campaign disruption threats;
Brand reaction to potential threats.
User-generated content
Image analysis;
Mention examples.
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Audience research
Socio-demographic profile
Customer demographics;
Opinion leaders
Top authors by engagement ;
Brand advocates and detractors;
Top positive posts by engagement;
Top negative posts by engagement;
Collaborations with influencers;
The most frequently mentioned people.
Audience interests
Top interests;
Top subscriptions.
Consumption models
Key topics;
Brand perception;
Mention sentiment;
Consumption situations.
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Category research
Category media coverage
Newsworthy topics and trends;
Key mention topics;
Popular brands.
Category audience
Customer demographics;
Key mention sources;
Top authors by engagement;
Audience interests.
Customer experience
Consumption models;
Image analysis: consumption situations;
Image analysis: customer profile;
Positive feedback;
Negative feedback.
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Ad-Hoc research
Qualitative and quantitative research with an individual set of requirements
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