Integration into your workflow

YouScan can be easily integrated into your existing workflows. Receive notifications about all the important events, sent directly to major corporate messengers, CRM or HelpDesk systems.


Notifications based on any filter

Using the «Rules» feature, you can get notified about specific mentions via any channel of your choice. Whether you're watching for influencer posts or negative mentions with high engagement, YouScan sends alerts about any mentions you need based on custom rules in real time.

Smart Alerts

Notifications about negative spikes

Integrations with major messengers allow you to be aware of all important events within your mention stream without having to log in to YouScan. Enable Smart Alerts and start receiving notifications about negative spikes, resonant posts, and mentions from influencers, wherever it's convenient for you.


Reputation management

Seamless integration with leading HelpDesk and CRM systems allows you to handle customers' messages easily. You can effortlessly register the tickets as well as analyze the response time and work efficiency of your departments.

api + webhook

Enrich your data in CRM or BI systems

Align social media data with your CRM data by sending information from YouScan via API or Webhook integrations.

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