[eBook] Social media images: your secret to outstanding customer service

[eBook] Social media images: your secret to outstanding customer service

Learn how to use visual content to improve customer service and inspire new ideas

Much of the user-generated content published online nowadays is visual, consisting of images, illustrations, memes, long- and short-form videos. As a result, unless you are monitoring this content, you risk missing out on a lot of important information about your brand and your customers. Images provide important context about how your products or services are used, what surrounds them in a typical use case, and flag any concerns your customers might have.

In this report, learn about the importance of social media images in customer service and how to leverage visual content on social media to collect customer feedback, address potential service gaps and improve products or services.

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  • Learn how social media images can help you learn about common use cases of your products and flag potential concerns;

  • Find out how to mine user-generated visual content for new product ideas and collaboration ideas;

  • Discover how integrations with an image monitoring tool like YouScan can help expand your online coverage and decrease your customer support team's response times.

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