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[Report] Martech-Challenges report for Social Media Listening

YouScan named a winner in Visual Analysis Category in Martech-Challenges

Saas Advisor’s evaluation of major Social Media Listening platforms will help companies to choose the solution that best fits their requirements.

Uncover the results of fair challenge under real conditions. See the comparison of the provided features as well as strengths and weaknesses analysis of all the platforms.

Martech-Challenges Report Highlights

  • “The challenge confirmed the Industry lacks standard and transparency regarding social data.”
  • “Platforms are getting smarter, but in the meantime with more complexity, the need for support, analysts and so-called 'professional services' is more relevant than ever.”
  • “We expected that the results would be close between the participants. Not at all! We noticed that each software has its strengths and weaknesses depending on languages, geographic zones or social media coverage…”
  • “We never noticed two competitors with identical Twitter volumes despite advanced testing (short period of time / following hashtags only / specific geographic scope...)”
  • “Having one single tool with stellar performance on a 'global scale' is near to impossible, which creates the necessity to combine various platforms.”

Download a complimentary copy of the Martech-Challenges report for Social Media Listening as an important reference for your evaluation.

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