[Research] Beer lovers social media portrait

8 unique beer lovers portraits uncovered by social media intelligence and image recognition

Identifying customer personas is a key step in the creation of a smart and informed marketing strategy. Customer personas (also sometimes known as buyer personas) help marketers get to know their target audience's needs and understand how their brand fits into the customer lifestyle. Social media offers a treasure trove of publicly available information about people's preferences and desires, which is perfect for crafting your brand's customer personas.

We studied both text and visual public social media posts to identify buyer personas for global beer brands. We are happy to share the results and show the kind of consumer insights you can uncover with YouScan.

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  • Find out how user-generated online content can be used to form distinct buyer personas for consumer products
  • Get to know consumer opinions about beer taste, pricing, and food pairings.
  • Learn what consumers are passionate about and how they express their likes and dislikes online.
  • What association customers have with the brand, and how online mentions can be used to find influencers and brand advocates with a large following.

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