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Top 10 Social Media Scanners with Logo Monitoring Capabilities

Top 10 Social Media Scanners with Logo Recognition Capabilities | YouScan

Artificial intelligence has been used for image recognition for several years already. Global giants, such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft and other innovative companies, are continually improving their AI-powered offerings for different market segments.

Alex Orap

Alex Orap

Founder & Chief Growth Officer

4 March 2019

Every day people publish more and more images on social media, with their daily volume exceeding 3 billion by the latest estimates. Still companies don’t give up on the idea to search for social media posts with their brand mentions to find a bit more information about their consumers. As a result, visual analytics has become a necessary tool for studying consumer demand and further planning of marketing activities. Let’s talk about how you can use the new logo recognition function, and which solutions on the global social media monitoring market provide brands with this opportunity.

Artificial intelligence has been used for image recognition for several years already. Global giants, such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft and other innovative companies, are continually improving their AI-powered offerings for different market segments.

Many companies are already actively using visual analytics to get valuable information about consumers for their business. According to various evaluations, more than 80% of images and videos on the web are published without any accompanying text or hashtags. And this is why social media keyword search is no longer effective. This means that marketers are not able to see more than ⅘ of all brand mentions and are not even aware of the real attitude of consumers toward the company. To understand which of the published visual posts contain your product and service mentions, you need to use logo recognition technology.

Logo and visual context recognition

Logo recognition technology provides you with the ability to conduct a much deeper analysis of your brand presence. Early analytical tools mainly focused on finding brand mentions only in text posts. Nowadays, image recognition significantly expands that coverage and enables a clearer understanding of the modern Instagram-oriented audience. In addition to identifying posts about your company, the most advanced image recognition tools help you understand the context of a mention. Such software allows you to analyze the image and text together as a whole, to detect and classify accidental mentions and specific reviews, negative and positive posts. Thus, image analysis helps to build a truly realistic image of your brand on social media and in the lives of consumers in general.


YouScan is one of the top social media listening systems that offers a solution for brand logo recognition on social media, analyzing a multi-million online data stream. Among world players, this is one of the most powerful and convenient solutions for detecting logos in images: YouScan Visual Insights app allows you to see a 360-degree picture of discussions around your brand.

Image RecognitionImage Recognition

Beyond logo detection, this solution includes the ability to analyze the context of the images - objects, scenes, people (their age and gender), dominating colors, photo types, activities, occupation.

Logo RecognitionLogo Recognition
Logo RecognitionLogo Recognition

This kind of approach provides a comprehensive understanding of use cases and brand presence, helps to find previously unknown influencers and brand ambassadors, as well as assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and calculate ROI from participation in sponsorship events. YouScan users can literally reveal Visual Insights: in what conditions, when, and - most importantly - why people use the brand's products.

Logo RecognitionLogo Recognition


If you already use analytics software that allows you to work with text mentions on social media, you can use off-the-shelf APIs for logo recognition, for example, LogoGrab Brand Detection. This social media crawler helps detect logos in images but is of no use if you want to assess coverage and analyze text brand mentions.


Brandwatch is one of the most famous services in the world. The company was among the first to offer tools for brand mention analysis on social media. Brandwatch users can customize Image Insights according to their needs and set important alerts, for example, on negative mention detection. Visualization system capabilities allow you to easily and quickly evaluate the situation and make strategic decisions in real time.

Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon officially merged with Brandwatch back in 2018, but in the meantime, both systems continue to work as before. Crimson Hexagon has extensive capabilities for brand mention detection on social media and offers ready-made solutions for working with analytics, including recognition of images with logos, objects, scenes, and even ongoing actions. Image Reverse Search allows you to not only find logos but also detect visually similar images.


This service constantly updates the database of various logos for competitive analysis and conducts continuous monitoring of 10 social networks and 150 million sites in different countries. Talkwalker offers unified tools for analyzing visual and text references and provides off-the-shelf reports on the effectiveness of sponsorship campaigns and unauthorized brand usage. Offline-data integration support and availability of public API can be considered Talkwalker's distinctive features. analytics system also uses neural network technology to detect brands. The tool is capable of processing both images and videos. Complementing these capabilities with built-in analytics and out-of-the-box reporting forms, users of can compare the effectiveness of their progress with their competitors in real time.


Sprinklr offers its users a comprehensive cloud-based platform for interacting with their customers on social media. Services include Marketing Cloud, Advertisement Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Research Cloud, and Care Cloud. Sprinklr’s analytic capabilities include Visual Listening services that monitor brand mentions in user publications in real time. Sprinklr can be used as an integrated marketing automation tool and social customer support, as well as utilized to connect brand recognition technology to other analytical systems (there is an API for this).


GumGum was created by computer vision system developers. Developers of the project have learned to recognize defects in tooth enamel, car bodies, as well as to detect logos in images and videos. Today, GumGum offers a turnkey solution for detecting advertisements of the company’s own and competitor brands, and also helps with the selection of more profitable and efficient sites for placing banners. However, GumGum is better suited for visual creatives working in display advertising, rather than social media monitoring.


Linkfluence is a major player in the digital transformation and data analytics software market. The company operates mainly in the European region and offers a system for data collection and analysis. Linkfluence is a social media skaner that positions itself as a turnkey solution for getting Actionable Insight. The company offers two products - Radarly and Search. The first one helps detect your brand mentions on social media, which includes logo recognition capabilities. And Linkfluence Search allows you to compare the ROI and performance of your campaigns, compare your results with the results of competitive brands, and find “hot” trends in social media.


The NetBase social scanning platform uses logo recognition to build brand performance reports on social media. NetBase technologies allow companies to combine analytics of images containing your brand logo and recognition of images accompanied by certain keywords. NetBase is able to identify the emotions of people in the photo and therefore allows you to find not only the mentions themselves, but also accurately determine their context.


The audience of image-oriented social media is growing at an incredible pace. For example, the total number of Instagram users has grown from 700 thousand to more than 1 billion users in total since September 2017. As a result, modern consumers continue publishing more and more photos and videos. Finding out what a post has to do with your brand without a logo recognition toolkit is not an easy task. And some of the “innovative” marketers of large FMCG brands already use tools to monitor their logos in social media images in their daily work.

But to get valuable business results and to improve the effectiveness of marketing strategies and advertising campaigns, you need tools that can simultaneously detect a logo in the image, study the context of this image, and carefully analyze the data obtained on a global scale. And although there are quite a few image recognition systems on the market, solutions that combine trend detection, mention analytics, and logo recognition are at the forefront.

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