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YouScan’s integration mechanism got a facelift!


YouScan supports 3 types of integration: Messenger integration, CRM and HelpDesk systems, as well as “Custom WebHook”.

Andrii Radich

Andrii Radich

Head of Product

27 December 2018

At YouScan, our aim is to not only enrich the analytical capabilities of our user interface, but also help our clients implement monitoring results into their business plan to their greatest benefit. With this in mind, we’ve tracked our clients’ most frequently used online tools, and overhauled our integration mechanism to streamline YouScan data with all these systems.

YouScan supports 3 types of integration: Messenger integration, CRM and HelpDesk systems, as well as “Custom WebHook”.

YouScan Integrations

Let’s examine each of them in more detail.


Currently, YouScan offers integrations with two of the biggest corporate messengers: Slack and Telegram. If you use one of these, you can set up your integration to send you notifications as direct messages or group chat messages. After you’ve set it up, you’ll be able to receive notifications to your selected channel in 3 ways:

  • Send all mentions in a chosen topic (this is most beneficial for small topic streams);

  • Create custom rules for notifications (for example, only negative-sentiment content from a specific source, or only mentions from individual authors, or send notifications about mentions with specific keywords);

  • Manually send mentions using the "Send to integration" button.

YouScan Messengers Integrations

Receiving mentions over Slack or Telegram allows you to immediately start discussing the next plan of action with your team.

Please let us know if you’re using a different messenger in your workflow – we’ll keep it in mind when developing our next integrations.

CRM and HelpDesk systems

YouScan also supports integrations with several CRM and HelpDesk systems. This allows you to fully integrate your social media monitoring strategy into your business plan. These integrations can help your customer support team reduce reaction times and help your customers faster; or send your marketing and sales teams some potential social media leads, for which they’ll thank you.

Similar to the messenger integration, you can set up to send notifications to your CRM and HelpDesk systems automatically (according to a set of rules) or manually.

Custom WebHook

We also wanted to accommodate the needs of our enterprise clients, who often use custom software in their work. For these cases, YouScan offers a flexible integration using the WebHook mechanism.


Our integration mechanism turned out very flexible. You can simultaneously use several integrations for a single monitoring topic. For example, you can send negative mentions to your HelpDesk, while all influencer posts would go to the corporate Telegram channel.

Over a hundred clients have set up their YouScan integrations. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our new and improved system today!

If you’re not a YouScan user yet, request a demo now and we’ll fix that ASAP :)

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