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YouScan text recognition in pictures - more than just OCR

Image text recognition on social media - OCR

YouScan has developed a new feature - image text recognition on social media. Our state-of-the-art technology allows users to detect the hidden keywords, text logo on screenshots, photos, and newspaper headings. The image text recognition feature is a must-have tool for your brand social media monitoring!

Valeriia Zhyvotova

Valeriia Zhyvotova

Content Marketing Manager

13 February 2020

Let’s start with OCR - what is it and why does your brand need it?

You might have seen this acronym before but what is hidden behind these 3 letters? OCR software is an optical character recognition on images. This state-of-the-art technology detects the text, keywords, logo name on screenshots, photos, or headline and allows your brand to get valuable insights.

“You need this smart tool not to miss the hidden mentions of your brand, find the screenshots of users’ online conversations, and detect crucial keywords on the photos. Users don’t tag brands on every picture they post. But the picture itself gives you a rich source of insights!”

Social media has a voluminous amount of customers’ conversations, pictures, and screenshots. It might be a mind-blowing and time-consuming task to collect all the data, analyze every picture, get insights, and spot trends. The text recognition tool will help you to find images, which correspond to your query. Simply type the keywords and new pictures will be automatically collected into the topic history. The smart YouScan system will gather all the data for you. No need to strain and sweat.

Why is the feature Text Recognition on images is vital for your brand?

Accept the mundane truth. We are 90% visual beings and images are the easiest things to remember by our brains. Besides, text on images is 65% better remembered than a simple text. If you as a brand use infographics to attract the users’ attention, they’re taking screenshots, photos of your marketing campaigns, ads, banners, and share all of this information across various social media channels. They add their feedback, complaints, excitement, and expectations. Users analyze, discuss, and spread the information. They love to talk and their photos are your brand’s treasure trove.

With a new know-how text recognition feature, you can get more information about the context associated with a brand in real-time. Also, you can get a broader vision: looking at the image you see the object, scene, people, and action. Thanks to the OCR, you can also track the keywords essential for your brand campaigns.

Coffee Brands and OCR

Let’s take an example of coffee brands to see how the OCR feature works. Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages across the world and if you’re a coffee-lover, you know that coffee tastes the same as the method of roasting differ. No wonder, a Nescafe is made in a completely different way than Starbucks. Customers love different flavors, they talk a lot about coffee, and if you want to be more customer-oriented, you need to listen to their voices, analyze their preferences, and satisfy their expectations.

OCR text recognition function allows you to track what people usually drink by searching particular keywords. In our coffee query I searched for different kinds of coffee, ranging from cappuccino to espresso, adding various flavors: caramel, classic, and choco. You can analyze different keywords, depending on what your goal is.

Recognizing the flavor of the drink using image text recognitionRecognizing the flavor of the drink using image text recognition
Here we can see that YouScan recognized the flavour and type of coffee written on the cup. What is more, it also recognized the logo of Starbucks.

Of course, Starbucks crushes it on social media and has a killer social media strategy. Thanks to fancy cups, appealing beverages, Starbucks shines on social sites like Instagram. Applying YouScan OCR technology, the brand can monitor what customers prefer to drink even if the brand isn’t tagged on the photo.

OCR -  finding the hidden keywords on imagesOCR -  finding the hidden keywords on images

As a consumer, you rarely tag every brand in your photo (I would say you usually don’t do it at all). The OCR technology helps the brand to find the hidden keywords on images (here it’s frappuccino) and categorize the most favourite drinks of the customers.

photos text recognitionphotos text recognition

Why YouScan text recognition function supersedes other OCR tools?

The majority of social listening tools have a valuable brand solution of text recognition on screenshots and images. However, not all the technology allows brands to detect the text and keywords on real photos. The text can be hidden in the remotest corners of the photo. But our main advantage is in finding and recognizing this text. Here we’re talking about live photos, not screenshots of conversations!

Take a look at how both of our technologies, Logo Recognition and OCR, work great in combination for Pepsi brand:

YouScan technologies, Logo Recognition and OCR, work great in combination for PepsiYouScan technologies, Logo Recognition and OCR, work great in combination for Pepsi

If you want to hear scientific terms, this machine learning tool is called OCR in the wild. It allows our technology to find text logo of the brands easily and more efficiently. Generally, this technology allows brands to collect image text logos and keywords faster and more precisely.


Summing up, your brand needs an image text recognition feature if you’re interested in:

  1. Boosting your brand reputation (user feedback can be different);
  2. Successful analysis of new campaigns, products, or featuress;
  3. Safety of your brand. Employees often post in social media various work cases, private information about the company, which can do more harm to your brand than success.

If you’re already monitoring text mentions in social media, now you have a unique opportunity to collect valuable data from photos and screenshots. You never know where this one critical insight or trend will be hidden and if you’re interested in boosting your sales, improving user experience, and getting more insights, you have only one option - to get an OCR tool and hit the right audience in the right time!

For a better result use a full-pack solution: Text recognition on images +Visual Insights.

YouScan never stops developing solutions for your brand to help you be closer to your customers.

A new feature YouScan text recognition on images is already available at PRO plan.

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