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Crozdesk Market Radar Showcases YouScan as a Market leader in 2020


The beginning of 2020 has brought us already 3 awards, and we're so proud to win the category Leader Award from Crozdesk. YouScan has been featured among the Top 20 Social Media Software products in 2020, determined by the Crozscore unbiased, category-specific ranking algorithm.

Valeriia Zhyvotova

Valeriia Zhyvotova

Content Marketing Manager

29 February 2020

Crozdesk states that Product Leaders have passionate customers and provide solutions with proven value. The Leaders focus on a particular niche but haven't yet reached the same high levels of market share as Champions. Apart from this, Crozdesk also features breakdowns of the user satisfaction scores, the market presence scores, and the buzz score. We're glad to announce that YouScan has a market presence score of 47, which is a relevant indicator of the vendor's popularity and overall market share in relation to its competitors.


Alex Orap, the CEO of YouScan: "The Crozdesk Award is a real victory for us and an inspiration to drive the development of our social media listening tool further. We're working hard to improve the interface and the features of our products so that our customers can reap most of the rewards without struggling to get valuable insights. With a simple-to-use but effective dashboard, a 24/7 support team, chatbots, even a newbie can create, discover, and manage brand topics in real-time."

YouScan scored 90/100 in the Social Media category. Besides, we have reached a user satisfaction score of 95/100– one of the highest among all other solutions! It means that 95% of our users are satisfied with YouScan social media listening tool.

Alex: "What you can observe in YouScan is hundreds of hours of conversations and thousands of hours of development. We have grown from a social monitoring platform to an AI-powered unified social listening platform with unique Visual Insights features. We're focusing on meeting the needs of our clients. The success of our clients is our success."

Every day YouScan team is striving to improve our product for brands, including L'Oréal, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, and McDonald's, and help other brands improve their reputation through monitoring of social media, blogs, forums, review websites, messengers and online media in real-time.

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