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Instagram monitoring: why tracking visual mentions is a must


Social media is an inevitable part of today's marketing, yet some businesses are still passing up opportunities to use it to the fullest extent. Talking about such options, we mean social listening, particularly visual listening. Keep on reading to learn more.

Elena Teselko

Elena Teselko

Content Manager

18 February 2022

Why Instagram monitoring is a must

It's not a secret that Instagram is one of the most popular and well-known social networks. Having a mobile app and a desktop version, it is the 7th most visited website globally. Talking about the core audience, Instagram is considered the favorite social network of zoomers (those aged 16 to 24), according to recent research, even surpassing TikTok. This consumer group gains more purchasing power, so grasping its preferences and interests is essential for brands that target Gen Z. 

Apart from scrolling the feed, its audience actively contributes and shares content. For instance, Instagram users upload approximately 65 thousand pictures in one minute only. These images often feature different brands as people share their experiences using products or simply overlook that these products hit the frame. 

How Instagram tracking can help businesses

Companies can collect and analyze Instagram posts that mention their brands, whether they were tagged, written in a hashtag, or caught by the logo. 

This is possible due to the image recognition capabilities that allow tracking not only text social mentions, but also images containing brand's logo or text version of it (using the OCR).

instagram monitoringinstagram monitoring
The feed of visual Instagram mentions in the YouScan interface

Below, we'll cover four use-cases of Instagram monitoring and turning the collected data into actionable insights.

Reveal consumption situations 

As a visual-first social network, Instagram allows marketers to literally see how their customers are using products. Sometimes, people might misuse the product; thus, they don't receive its value to the fullest. Or, vice versa, buyers can invent new possible consumption patterns that are equivalent to those given by the brand.

image recognitionimage recognition

Doritos snacks, for example, can be good for mac and cheese according to recipes posted on social media by different users. People also add chips to sandwiches, potatoes, and salads. Perhaps it's time to release a branded cookbook?

People also refer to social media when something goes wrong, and posting an online review seems the best way to attract the brands' attention or prevent others from buying the same product or service. Images, in such circumstances, can reveal much more than words because the person can photograph the problem without describing it in detail.

Companies that monitor brand mentions on Instagram can rapidly handle concerns and collect statistics on what is bothering their clients most of all. Knowing the issue, especially if it is recurring, allows you to solve it, improve the product or service, and convert dissatisfied customers into loyal ones.

Create products that will be appreciated by your customers

Monitoring user-generated content on Instagram can also reveal the niches where your company can create a product that will be relevant for your audience. Many Starbucks customers drove with their dogs, who also wanted a treat, so pet parents let them taste the beverage's cream part. That's how the idea for a safe drink for puppies evolved - a portion of whipped cream served specially for good boys and girls. Other coffee shops are now offering pappuchino to their customers. You can, for example, try it at Costa Coffee.

logo recognitionlogo recognition

Enhance influencer marketing efforts

Many brands have increased their budgets for influencer marketing in recent years, recognizing the value of this channel in various industries, especially beauty and fashion. Simultaneously, hundreds of thousands of Instagram influencers emerge daily, making it difficult for businesses to select suitable candidates for collaborations.

Though the number of followers was formerly one of the most critical factors in selecting Instagram bloggers, marketers are now taking a different strategy, working with niche content creators whose key advantages are authenticity and high engagement (compared to a random celebrity).

YouScan has a section called "Authors" where you may find all the people and communities who have discussed your brand (or other keywords depending on your query). If you intend to launch an influencer campaign, reaching out to someone who has already positively mentioned your brand may be a promising strategy because the person is already familiar with your brand.

Here you can sort all the authors by:

- number of mentions

- influence (aka number of followers)

- engagement

find influencersfind influencers

Another challenge that many marketers experience is determining whether an influencer shares the same values as the brand, or what additional content is posted during the campaign. However, YouScan allows you to add Instagram accounts (as well as other social networks) as a channel to collect all of this page's posts, regardless of whether they feature your query.

track influencers' contenttrack influencers' content

Tracking influencers' activity also matters if you plan to launch products together. In recent years, the number of such partnerships increased as companies seek to reach new audiences. Scrolling the gallery and analyzing influencers' content, marketers can grasp collaboration ideas for Instagram campaigns and track ongoing promo results. 

Find inspiration for your marketing communications

As a visual social media, Instagram is a valuable source of inspiration for marketers when planning their campaigns. Brands can analyze Instagram images to determine which aesthetics are appealing to their target audience, as well as which scenes, objects, and even colors in the photos generate the most engagement.

Using the Visual Insights section, companies can access the visualization of what things appear most frequently on images featuring their brand and check out the most engaging shots.

visual insightsvisual insights

For example, Glossier customers often photograph their skincare and makeup products. 

instagram monitoringinstagram monitoring

Likewise, the majority of the Instagram posts featuring the brand have similar aesthetics, which are natural, peaceful, and predominantly light pink. Glossier, for its part, mimics this trend by creating similar visuals for its social media pages, ad campaigns, and product photos.

instagram glossierinstagram glossier
Instagram feed of Glossier

When monitoring Instagram, brands can access valuable data about their audience, find consumer insights and bring their collaborations and influencer marketing to a new level. 

Do you want to dive deeper into how your brand is portrayed on Instagram? Request YouScan's free demo to start monitoring social media.

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