YouScan is a powerful yet easy to use social media analytics platform, which helps companies become better by listening to their consumers online. It helps brands connect to their audiences, uncover valuable consumer insights to improve products and services, and even find new sales leads.

All Mentions of Your Brand, Discovered in Real-time

YouScan monitors major social networks, as well as blogs, forums and online news. All mentions of your brands are available to you in real-time along with atomatic reports.

In-depth Analytics

  • Slice and dice reports across any data dimension
  • Automatic discovery of the trending topics will help you to stay on top of discussions
  • Audience Insights to find brand advocates and detractors and better connect to your audience

Unlimited Data

Unexpected spike of discussions due to major event? No problems – we know how to handle a BIG DATA, so you don’t need to pay extra. All mentions are stored permanently in your account, and there’s no limit to the amount of mentions you can monitor in our flat price plans.

Smart Alerts

You don’t need to setup complex rules to be alerted about important mentions on social media: just enable YouScan’s Smart Alerts feature and be informed in real-time when:

  • There’s a rapid increase in number of negative posts
  • Influential author mentioned your brand
  • Some post is rapidly getting a lot of attention on social media
  • New topic emerges in relation to your brand

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