Engage into online conversations with your customers instantly with YouScan's Slack integration

If you are on the market with a SaaS product, you are always aiming to increase customer engagement and decrease churn. Many great products such as Intercom were born because of the utmost importance of being customer-focused. It is not just a trend — 75% of Consumers Around the World Desire More Human Interaction — PWC;

You get a lot by encouraging customers to share their opinions: valuable insights on how your product performs, word-of-mouth promotion, educated users. But it also means receiving negative feedback and dealing with disgruntled users, left unchecked they can create an influx of detractors and damage your reputation.

Therefore to retain your clients it is crucial to listen to their voices across all platforms and being 100% responsive to their comments. However given various social media platforms, review sites, and online marketplaces it can be taught to manage even with a stellar customer success team.

At YouScan we solved this by creating Social Media Listening tool that helps you stay on top of user opinions. But as a SaaS, we understand a challenge of adopting a new tool and incorporating it into existing workflow.

If your team uses Slack — YouScan integration delivers essential mentions right into your team workspace without disrupting your workflow.

Get notified instantly about new mentions and act on them quickly.

YouScan will send important real-time notifications through YouScan's Slack integration allow you to be the first to know about any recent wins or sticky situations that may arise online. All you need is a Slack channel. Many potential PR crises can be prevented by quick proactive messaging.

Assign mentions to your teammates and discuss the desired course of action

YouScan's Slack integration makes it easier to have an internal discussion around mentions: they can be shared to other channels, commented on and tagged. You can also tag other colleagues who may be interested in a particular mention, including those who aren't directly involved in social media work.

Boost morale and make sure everyone knows the stakes

Through YouScan's Slack integration, mentions streams can be made available to everyone - not just team members directly in charge of social media monitoring. You can open the Slack channel with your brand mentions to all staff, as we did here at YouScan. Every positive comment about our company helps boost morale for the team, and every negative post helps motivate the team to keep striving for bigger and better things.

If you are want to overturn that churn rates and awe customers with your responsiveness, sign up to get a free YouScan demo. Our team will be glad to help you set up monitoring for your product and make the best of it.