Introducing the new Channels function: Monitoring Google Maps and other improvements

The Channels function allows you to monitor all mentions that appear on a specific page instead of filtering by keywords. For example, you may want to monitor all posts on a thought leader's page, an official brand page, a hobby-based community, or posts originating from a specific geographical location.

This function has been a user favourite for while, and we're now ready to introduce new ways to leverage Channels for social media monitoring.

Hassle-free plug-in UI

You can turn on channels for any topic by using the "Channels" menu in the topic settings.

If the link you wish to add contains several potential channels, you can select which one you'd like to monitor. For example, you can include only mentions of a specific Twitter account without monitoring posts from the user's timeline, or the other way around.

Collecting channel history

You can determine how far back the data collection goes for each individual channel. By default, when you add a new channel, you receive all the content posted over the course of the past month. You can expand this period up to a year, or even cancel archival content collection if you're adding the channel to an active topic and want to avoid disrupting past analytics.

Google Maps

Google encourages all of its Maps users to review places they visit, which is why Google Maps have become a deciding factor in choosing a bank, a new restaurant, a mall and many other services.

For some brands, the number of Google Maps reviews can exceed the total number of reviews on all other platforms. If this is the case for your brand, you can now easily monitor Google Maps reviews with the help of Channels.

You want to gain a better understanding of the context in which your product is featured

If you're a Youscan customer, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to start monitoring Channels. If you're new to YouScan, this is the perfect opportunity to request a demo and improve your business by harnessing the power of social media!