YouScan Social Mention Wall - a new level of brand reputation management

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Alexey Orap

CEO, YouScan
June 25, 2019
YouScan Social Mention Wall - a new level of brand reputation management

Nowadays, continuous self-improvement has become an integral part of a productive employee. This is why the popularity of different educational activities has significantly increased. People all over the world consider it to be their duty to attend seminars, conferences and summits at least once a month to get inspiration, gain new knowledge and, of course, network with peers.

Such interest in offline events creates a lot of new problems and challenges for event managers. First of all, participants should be engaged, or this event may be the last one for organizers. For sure, finding top industry professionals who possess well-developed oratorical skills still remains one of the main priorities, but you cannot get very far with star speakers being your only benefit.

Why? People will wait for “the speaker,” take a selfie and go home. That is why event managers try to engage the audience in all possible ways - prizes, fancy afterparties, and autograph sessions at the end.

At YouScan, we found a way to make the visit of event participants even more pleasant and more productive... and at the same time, we solved another serious problem!

How often do you encounter the fact that employees' awareness of the latest company news is limited to their department? It is somewhat optimistic to assume that after work, every employee checks out the company’s news page and reads the latest updates. Moreover, even if they do, companies still can’t track how customers and partners react to this event.

Even though the problems mentioned above are completely different, we managed to solve both of them with one proper fix.

We make your life better by solving real problems

At YouScan, we do not release updates for the sake of updates. We help to make our customers’ lives better by solving real problems. This is the reason why in the autumn of 2018, we launched an exceptionally great product - Social Mention Wall, available to all YouScan users starting from the Pro package. And in less than a year, numerous conferences in the CIS, Europe and the USA have already taken advantage of it!

It has long been proven that social media is a place where people are most likely to share their impressions openly. With the Mention Wall, event participants have the opportunity to not only make posts on the event but also track them on the big screen. This makes participants realize that they have been noticed, and also significantly increases their engagement, creating an additional incentive to contribute to what is happening.

Why do you need Social Mention Wall?

    Using Social Mention Wall, you can choose what mentions appear on the screen:
  • all mentions on a specified topic;
  • only selected mentions (if you want to show moderated posts).

So what you get:

1. Maximum engagement of participants at the event and rapid distribution of their feedback on social media.

The advantages for event managers were mentioned earlier. YouScan Mention Wall enables to combine all social media publications that mention a brand or an event hashtag and display them on the big screen.

Also, if you are an event organizer, it is probably important for you to convey that not just your friends and friends of your friends have gathered here. So, the Mention Wall will allow you to show that your event is a popular, large-scale gathering, and your happy participants share opinions about it on social networks.

2. All employees are involved in brand reputation management process and, as a result, are more motivated and always up to date with the latest news.

The developer who worked for 2 months on new filtering capabilities will be much more motivated if they see that people share this news with comments about “how convenient it is to work with these new filters." And you can pleasantly surprise customers and partners if they come to visit your office.

Our Mention Wall was more highly anticipated than we had thought!

“YouScan Mention Wall is a unique market solution: it allows turning social media publications into an engaging story in two clicks, which encourages event participants to publish even more content about the conference or event, thereby increasing their popularity,” commented Alexey Orap, CEO and founder of YouScan.

The year has not even finished, but YouScan Social Mention Wall has already received world fame. Check out the examples of events where event organizers and participants have already experienced all the delights of our new product:

Social Media Week New York 2019

Mention Wall at Social Media Week, New York and Los Angeles

SaaStr Europe 2019

Mention Wall at SaaStr Europe 2019

Youscan Social Mention Wall at Michelin office

Youscan Social Mention Wall at Michelin office Youscan Social Mention Wall at Michelin office

Social Media Week Kyiv 2018 and 2019

Mention Wall at Social Media Week 2018 and 2019

42 Investment Summit: SaaS Universe

Mention Wall at 42 Investment Summit: SAAS Universe

ThinkStage 2019

Mention Wall at ThinkStage 2019

Big Brand Theory

Mention Wall at Big Brand Theory

iForum 2019

Mention Wall at iForum 2019

“I watch the development of YouScan, our friends and colleagues, and I am very happy with their decisions. Their Social Mention Wall is an interactive product at the intersection of event management, PR and SMM. We are actively working in these directions because it is really exciting to test the Social Mention Wall in real time right away.

    Here are just a few simple examples we want to start with:
  • posting key thoughts from the speakers’ reports, which participants find to be the most valuable;
  • sharing posts of participants with brief information on their expertise area;
  • holding a visual drawing of prizes among the participants who made publications on social networks.

And it’s definitely not the full list of what can be done!”- Alina Dykuha, Head of Marketing Communications at SendPulse, which regularly holds offline events, shared her opinion about the product.

    If you are already YouScan customer with the Pro or more advanced plan, you can activate access to the Social Mention Wall on your account in 2 ways:
  • Chat us or send an email to with the topic you want to be displayed on the Mention Wall;
  • Specify which format you need: full mention flow, only selected mentions or filtered mentions

And if you are not yet with YouScan, then register for a free demo - we will contact you as soon as possible and show everything!