Meet Aina, your personal assistant

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Alexey Orap

CEO, YouScan
July 05, 2019
Meet Aina, your personal assistant

Artificial Intelligence (AI): just two words and a countless number of opportunities, both for developers and end users.

Users of different software are already quite tempted by “smart” applications to be impressed by such simple features as “convenient data storage” or “real-time analytics”. After all, the collected data then needs to be exported and stored somewhere, be somehow processed and, and - oh horror! - you might be forced to do all of this manually!

AI helps significantly simplify and speed up information processing and analysis, making it clearer and more accessible, and therefore…

Let us introduce someone special

Meet your new personal assistant at YouScan: his name is Aina. Aina's main task is to quickly provide you with the most important information about your brand on social networks. Thanks to the algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Aina will help you reduce the time needed to analyze your brand mentions in YouScan.

Aina helps analyze trends

All YouScan customers are already familiar and enjoy using the “smart” function of “Trends” detection.

For those who are not with us yet: YouScan not only tracks the activity spikes of the brand discussions but also identifies the reason for this activity. This allows you to be always aware of the main discussion trends related to your brand, product, company, or any other topic that you monitor.

Visually, trends are displayed as “bubbles,” which show the most important information. And, of course, with a click of a mouse, you can drill down the trend to study specific mentions. Learn more.

With Aina, it is even easier! In addition to finding hot trends and discussions for you, Aina also instantly identifies the main source of mentions and their type, region, and gender of the authors.

AINA and Tesla

As you can see, Aina detects not only activity spikes, but also any specific newsworthy event in the discussions. This allows you to easily find “micro trends” and react to them immediately if they are important.

AINA and Tesla

Aina will update you about the vital issues, even if you are offline

If you enabled “Smart Alerts” in YouScan, Aina will send you email notifications about the most important events related to your brand.

For example, if the number of mentions about your brand suddenly increases, you will immediately receive an email with the number of mentions, most frequently used keywords, and a link to the examples of mentions.

At the end of each email, Aina will ask you if this alert was useful, which will allow you to train the assistant with one click to send only valuable information to you.

AINA and Tesla

By the way

Aina will help you understand not only existing problems but also the ones that could potentially arise. By analyzing many different parameters - such as source, sentiment, engagement, number of likes, potential audience - Aina takes into account the overall context of a particular subject and analyzes the deviation from the average.

The best part is that Aina is constantly learning and will continue to surprise you:)

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