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We help companies become better

by listening to their consumers online

Our story

We have started YouScan in Kiev, Ukraine in 2009. Back then, there were five of us, coding and calling our first customers out of a small office in a co-working space. Our goal was to create the first on the markets of CIS tool for marketing and PR people to help them “listen” to their clients in social media.

Today our team of more than 60 people is spread across two offices in Kiev, Ukraine, and Moscow, Russia, with some of our team mates working remotely from Prague, Kharkiv and Manila. We are proud to have expert social media analysts, top-notch software developers and customer success experts on our team.

We have developed world-class technologies for social media analysis, NLP (Natural Language Processing), as well as great expertise in social media intelligence that drives business results.

Our social media intelligence tools and services help marketing, PR and research professionals do their jobs easier and better.

Major international brands such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, McDonalds and others rely on us to analyse consumer opinions on social media, find actionable insights that help brands improve their products and services, and manage brands’ online reputation.

In 2015, we launched a standalone social media lead generation tool, LeadScanr, which relies on our unique intent detection technology and helps SMBs find high-quality sales leads.

Our team

Alexey Orap


Alexandr Sirach


Leonid Lytvynenko


Irina Chikomasova

Commercial Director

Ekaterina Gordienko

Head of Customer Success

Anton Bezkorovainyi

Head of Social Media Research

Andriy Radich

Product Manager

Alena Tokareva


Andrey Moroz

Head of Business Development Department

Maksym Baranov

Social Media Researcher

Dmitriy Bevz

Social Media Researcher

Yevhen Bobrov

Software Architect

Kateryna Bobrovnyk

Social Media Analyst

Darya Bryndina


Roman Vasylenko

Search query specialist

Elena Horobets

Social Media Researcher

Oleg Gribenschikov

Key account manager

Anna Detochka

Social Media Researcher

Andriy Didych

Software Developer

Ekaterina Dremova

Senior Social Media Researcher

Victoriia Emelyanova

Customer Success Manager

Ekaterina Kazakova

Business Development Director

Vasyl Kazimirov

Software Developer

Zarina Zeusheva

Business Development Specialist

Viktoriia Kvasha

Senior Social Media Researcher

Anastasia Kibets

Customer Success Manager

Ivan Kireev

Business Development Specialist

Ivan Korneliuk

Software Developer

Varvara Koshkina

Customer Success Manager

Albina Kudinova


Liana Kucher

Accounting assistant

Anna Lilik

Business Development Manager

Nina Logvinova

Social Media Researcher

Oleksii Lysak

Socail Media Researcher

Anton Mazur

Social Media Researcher

Kseniia Morozova

Customer Success Manager

Elena Moskalenko

Social Media Researcher

Julia Nazarova


Mark Oliinyk

Front-end developer

Olga Perevalova

Head of Social Media Monitoring Department

Alona Pliska


Alex Poplavskyy

Customer Success Manager

Kateryna Porshnieva

Front-end developer

Anastasia Pushkarova

Social Media Researcher

Vyacheslav Pytel

Software Developer

Stas Rudy

Internet Marketer

Grigory Sobinov

Project Director

Igor Tamashchuk

Software Developer

Yevgen Terpil

Data scientist

Pavel Khudan

NLP Engineer

Denis Fomin

Social Media Researcher

Julia Tsebak

Senior Social Media Researcher

Nataliia Sheviakhova

Social Media Researcher

Our culture

We strongly believe that great companies are built by the teams that share the same values.
We’ve made these nine principles the core of our internal culture:

Trust as a basis


Kaizen (continuous improvement)

Passion for what we do

Focus on the result

It's OK to make mistakes

Teamwork is a priority

Optimism in work and life

Ethical treatment of social data

You can find out more about what’s behind these principles in our corporate culture presentation, and how we’ve collectively came up with them in this blog article.

Partners and investors

Our strategic partner and investor is Yell, leading reviews and recommendations service with 5 000 000 monthly unique visitors, supported by prominent Swedish venture funds Investment AB Kinnevik and Vostok Ventures.

Seed round investor was European early-stage venture fund
The OpenFund.

Offices and contacts


20/1, 3rd Yamskogo polya st., 125040, Moscow, Russia


20 Velyka Zhytomyrska st., 01025 Kyiv, Ukraine
info@youscan.io (general inquieres)

support@youscan.io (support)

Media about us

Twingly   |   www.twingly.com

«The rise of new social media platforms is an opportunity for brands to gather more consumer intelligence».

Openfund   |   www.theopenfund.com

«Yell, a major online directory service in Russia, took notice and grabbed a majority stake in YouScan».

Ideya   |   www.ideya.eu.com

«Social Media Monitoring Tools and Services Report 2015».

PromptCloud   |   www.promptcloud.com

«YouScan is a powerful yet easy to use social media analytics platform, which helps companies become better by listening to their consumers online».

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