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YouScan delivers vital insights about your company automagically

It`s all covered – YouScan will find your brand's mentions in social networks, review sites, message boards, blogs and forums, online news and even Telegram.

We detect sentiment, categorise by essential topics, discover trends and bring you fast and clear mention stream backed by powerful analytical tools.

Smart Alerts and Slack Integration

Whether it`s a negativity surge, influencer mentioning your brand, heated discussion or new Sales opportunity - we`ve got you covered with our automatic Alerts. And it`s easy to collaborate on mentions internally with our Slack integration.

We know what’s important to you

Got listed on G2Crowd? New AppStore review? Angel List comment? Yes, you got it. All in one place. SaaS specific sources are covered by YouScan.

Visual Insights from "Gallery"

Discover how your brand is represented visually in social media. Our "Gallery" feature will help you see how your product is perceived by users. Literally.

  • YouScan helps us not only to track mentions and reviews we got about all range of Depositphotos products but also to follow up all the feedback we got and coming up with new features which match users’ demands. We are also really happy to emerge with our solutions at the exact place wherever these are requested: Facebook or Twitter feed, blogs, chats etc. Using YouScan as an essential tool for building relationships with press is also must be mentioned. Alexey Pedosenko - Director of PR, Depositphotos

  • YouScan helps us uncover valuable consumer insights and improve our offerings. We truly like working with their team and see their product being improved all the time. I highly recommend YouScan as a best-in-class social media monitoring tool. Irina Yargina - Community Manager, Auchan Ukraine

  • We use YouScan to know our customers and their preferences better; get a deeper understanding of how their perceive our products. YouScan is an excellent choice for both real-time monitoring of social media, as well as for sophisticated analytics of consumer reviews and opinions Artem Stepanov - Coordinateur Communication Technique et Prescription, Michelin

  • We’ve chosen YouScan for social media monitoring because of high quality data capture and verification provided by their platform, analytics capabilities as well as excellent customer support and professional services. Tracking tens of thousands of daily mentions of our brands and products; uncovering consumer and competitive insights, identifying brand influencers and detractors is possible thanks to YouScan. Anna Musikhina - Chief Digital Officer Russia, L'Oréal