Use the power of social media
to make informed decisions

YouScan is a leading social media intelligence provider. We help major international brands and agencies analyse consumer opinions, find actionable insights and manage brand reputation.

Social media monitoring
for international brands

YouScan helps brands stay on top of consumer opinions and complaints on social media, so you can quickly adjust your marketing strategy and product offerings. We also cover online news sites, so no publication about your brand will go unnoticed.

Research team
to support your agency

With the help of our in-house analytical team, you will be able to provide sophisticated consumer intelligence for your agency clients. We understand local consumers and deliver structured, visually appealing and actionable research reports for brands across multiple industries.

Social media data
to power your tools

Unlike most international social media monitoring tools, which provide only partial coverage of local social media platforms, we provide high fidelity and complete coverage of market-specific sources, including: popular local social networks; review sites; message boards, blogs and forums; online news.

Social media intelligence for brands, agencies and software vendors

Why YouScan?

Your best partner for social media intelligence

Superior coverage

We got it all covered – local social networks; review sites; message boards, blogs and forums, even online news.
No mention will go unnoticed.

Choice of tools

You can choose to work directly in YouScan interface, get the data via API into your own analytical tools or subscribe to our analytical reports – the choice is yours.

Reports at your fingertips

You don’t have to be a research expert to benefit from our social media listening and analytics. Our social media listening reports are easy to digest and actionable.

Outstanding support

We are truly obsessed with providing great customer service. Our Customer Success team will help you get most of our tools. We are friendly and always available – you can truly rely on us.

Professional analytics

In-house social media analytics team with extensive expertise in research for different industries. Our analysts understand local consumers and culture context and are able to find meaningful and actionable consumer insights on social media.

Cutting-edge technologies

We have developed a stack of proprietary technologies suitable for fast processing of large data volumes, such as NLP tools for automatic sentiment analysis and topic modelling, consumer intent detection, automatic text generation framework, adaptive algorithms for social platforms APIs connections, heuristic user geo-location detection and more.

International brands and agencies rely on YouScan

I liked to use YouScan to analyze users’ questions about Google products in VKontakte. Youscan has very intuitive interface, it is very easy to filters the data, and YouScan team is always ready to provide help for specific tasks. YouScan works perfectly with Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and other Runet social networks, which are not so easy to monitor with other tools. My advice – try the demo, YouScan could be extremely useful.

Valentin Pilipchuk

Community Manager, Google

YouScan helps us uncover valuable consumer insights and improve our offerings. We truly like working with their team and see their product being improved all the time. I highly recommend YouScan as a best-in-class social media monitoring tool.

Irina Yargina

Community Manager, Auchan Ukraine

We’ve chosen YouScan for social media monitoring because of high quality data capture and verification provided by their platform, analytics capabilities as well as excellent customer support and professional services. Tracking tens of thousands of daily mentions of our brands and products; uncovering consumer and competitive insights, identifying brand influencers and detractors is possible thanks to YouScan.

Anna Musikhina

Chief Digital Officer Russia, L'Oréal

We use YouScan to know our customers and their preferences better; get a deeper understanding of how their perceive our products. YouScan is an excellent choice for both real-time monitoring of social media, as well as for sophisticated analytics of consumer reviews and opinions.

Artem Stepanov

Coordinateur Communication Technique et Prescription, Michelin

Some time ago we’ve been considering social media solely as a responsibility of PR and Marketing, but now we realise that it is a job of all departments to provide high quality feedback for the company users on social media. YouScan helps us to do exactly that.

Yuri Nesvedov

Head of Inbound Requests department, Vodafone Ukraine

YouScan is convenient and easy to use with tons of features: flexible setup, powerful results filtering, intuitive interface. Probably the best social media monitoring tool.

Elvina Normatova

Digital Marketing Manager, Dyson LLC

Great product! YouScan is the best system with a convenient interface and easy-to-understand visualisations. It really helps your brand.

Olga Zhosanu

Digital Strategist, Tribal DDB Moscow

Great tool that we use and recommend to our clients for more than two years now. Definitely the number one in social media monitoring.

Varvara Myaoets

Social Media Leader, "People Talk" Agency